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Lattice facts and information

Updated on December 15, 2010

Wood Lattice For Homes

There have been numerous times that you have driven past that one house on the block that is not up kept and you can see all the unsightly junk in the yard as well as under their porch or deck. This location is the one place that many people do not even dare to go underneath either becuase of the fear of getting dirty or the fear of the bugs and insects that they may encounter upon entering. When in reality the only thing that they need is a little skirting for their porch. Thats where wood lattice comes in. Wood lattice comes in a number of thicknesses as well as styles. You will want to use the wood lattice panels to close in the area around the bottom of the porch or deck to block the unsightly clutter under your deck.

What can you do with lattice?

In many of the older style homes where there was an issue with clutter or junk under the porch or deck, the owners would simply place a solid piece of wood up against the deck or porch and nail it in place to hide the items or debris under the deck or porch. Back then, wood lattice was not used as it is today. Today, wood lattice will be used to create an enclosure around the deck or porch.

Skirting for homes..

The very first time that most individuals spotted skirting for a home is when mobile homes were first introduced and they used metal to go around the bottom of the mobile home to hide the cinder blocks used for the mobile homes base. When this came about, Metal was not the only item used to enclose the bottom of the mobile home as some of them used wood and brick as well as even a stone surround. The item used to enclose the mobile home depended on the homeowner and their choice of item to enclose the area where wheels and jacks are placed.

Types of skirting

 There were a number of reasons that homeowners decided that the metal skirting is not a good choice. The metal skirting can be easily bent which makes it easy for rodents and animals to get under the home and once under the home, the animal can become ill and can then perish leaving behind a nasty smell and lots of insects who will make their home on the carcas of the animal. Another reason was because the metal easily rusts which makes it a bad idea when being exposed to a number of weather elements. So because of this, home owners were forced to find an alternative to skirting for their porches, decks, and homes. Thats when the wood lattice had started being used. Wood lattice can be used around the deck, porch and home.

Using Wood Lattice


wood lattice was first used, the wood lattice has even phased out. Now instead of using wood lattice on the homes, many homeowners will use vinyl lattice panels. The downside to using the vinyl is that the vinyl can not be stained to match the color of your deck or porch. The wood lattice panel can be painted or stained to match the color of your porch or deck. You can use the wood lattice designs of your choice to enclose the porch or deck of your home.


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