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Using Outdoor Lattice as a Privacy Screen or Fence

Updated on October 11, 2022
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Writing is a hobby which I have picked up again after being away from it for four decades actually, while I was busy with a career.

Use Lattice for Privacy

Lattice blocks out visibility through a fence, but yet permits light and ventilation through. The holes in the lattice can allow outsiders to peer through the fence, but using a lattice that has smaller openings would reduce this viewing distance to just a few feet. They are also one of the easiest fences to build because they consist of wooden or vinyl pieces cut in length. These pieces have to be assembled in the pattern that is required and then installed as a fence or as an additional barrier on top of an existing compound wall. You can also get lattice boards precut to the designs that you like. The lattice can also be used as a support for climbing vines or other plants and can only make your yard look that much prettier. And these vines can definitely add to the privacy aspect which is after all the prime objective of your outdoor lattice privacy screen.

Lattice as a Fence

You can also use lattice additionally as a fence and can do away with any brick-and-mortar structure. You would need to put up posts at regular intervals to support the latticework. The posts need to be of the height that you want for your lattice fence, plus the additional height needed to secure the posts in the soil/ concrete so that you have a firm basis for your lattice fence. The posts that you use should be pressure treated with creosote to ensure that they are properly seasoned and also have some resistance to termites. Once the posts have been installed, the lattice screen boards can be screwed onto the posts to complete your using lattice as a fence.

Materials for Lattice

Materials normally used to make lattice for screens and fences are generally cedar, redwood, or birch. You can buy ready-made lattice fencing at stores that stock such materials and it is better if you complete any painting or staining work on the fence before you install it. Because of the nature of its construction painting or staining at a later date may be more of a problem. If you fancy making your own lattice, you would need to cut slats of the required width from the material that you have chosen. Lattice screens are also nowadays available made of vinyl. These are more long-lasting and may not need any painting. You would find many ancient monuments that have such lattice screens made of marble and other stone.

Other Uses for Lattice

Lattice can also be used to hide mechanical equipment installed for the house, while still allowing the necessary ventilation. Lattice is also quite often used as part of a railing or as a fence to hide the areas below a porch. It will allow air circulation below the porch so that area remains dry and not subject to mildew or rot. The lattice is best hung on hinges here so that there is access to the area below the porch. Lattice can also be used to completely screen an outdoor porch so that the area inside becomes more private.


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