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Lavender Duvet Cover

Updated on March 21, 2011

Welcome Change in Your Bedroom with a Lavender Duvet Cover

Changing your duvet cover can be a simple and easy way to update a bedroom in your home without spending lots of extra time and cash redecorating. All it takes is a little thinking prior to purchasing to decide what color duvet cover is right for you. Have you ever considered a lavender duvet cover for your bedroom?

Lavender is not just for your little girl's room. It's a great color to use for your own bedroom, whether you're young or old, single or married. This is because lavender is a very calming color, much like the actual lavender flower's smell. A lavender duvet cover could make your bedroom a serene and soothing place to escape to each and every evening.

Finding A Lavender Duvet For You

Lavender has many great qualities besides just being relaxing. It's versatile, it's enchanting, it's fun, and it's different. Not too often do you see adult bedrooms decorated with lavender duvet covers.

Lavender is a great color that, depending on its shade, can go with almost anything. There are cool, blue lavenders to warm pink lavenders. There are even really gray lavender duvet covers that are pretty much considered neutrals. If you're worried about your lavender duvet cover, then opt for more neutral or lighter shades of lavender.

If you're buying your lavender duvet cover first, then painting and accessorizing, you will be happy to know that you can use almost any color in your design, except maybe orange would not look to good, but a yellow-orange or yellow-green would look okay.

Lavender duvet covers come in a variety of styles from the most romantic and plush to the most sleek and modern. There are florals, sateen stripes, and solids. There are plaids, gingham, and abstract patterns on lavender duvet covers.

The point is that there are a variety of styles of lavender duvet covers, so you are sure to find a lavender duvet cover you love that will coordinate with your room perfectly. It's also a great color for your daughter or granddaughter's bedroom, except it's more of a fun change for the adults' bedrooms.

If you like to shop online from the comfort of your own home I suggest shopping for duvet covers at or eBay.

lavender duvet cover
lavender duvet cover


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