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Lavender Quilt

Updated on March 16, 2011

Lavender Quilts

Keep Summer Cool with a Lavender Quilt

A lavender quilt is a wonderful idea if you're looking for soft and refreshing idea for warmer climates or for seasonal climates with hotter weather during late spring to early fall. Lavender quilts are great for summer or hot weather in general because they are a much lighter weight bedding than a duvet or comforter is and are available in a really gorgeous and neutral color. You need to be careful when shopping for your quilts though, because some heavily or thickly batted quilts can be extremely warm.

Most quilts, like a lavender quilt or other soft shade of quilt, are purposely made to be lightweight and airy in opposition to the heavily batted comforters or extremely warm duvets. This is why you typically find quilts or quilt sets in softer colors and floral patterns - because they're made for the warmer months when lilacs and violets are in full bloom.

If you plan on using your lavender quilt in the winter or late fall for a bit of added spring cheer to the room, opt to use a heavy blanket underneath to ensure your warmth through the cold.

Not all lavender quilts are plain white and purple or made for children's rooms. While there are plenty of kids quilts to choose from, many can be very Victorian in shades of warm lavender and cream, while others can be very modern in lavender patchwork quilt patterns.

The point is to know that there are many styles of lavender quilts out there to choose from that will suit any style bedroom, so make sure you explore all of your options to choose the lavender quilt you like best and will get the most years out of.

To find a lavender quilt selection and pricing you are sure to be happy with, visit online super store, or online auction site, eBay. At either of these two sites, you will be sure to find a lavender quilt you will love to go to bed to every night.

Choosing a Lavender Quilt for Your Bedroom

When looking for a lavender quilt or any other color quilt, decide first if you want a quilt that hits the floor and does not need a bedskirt or a quilt that does not hit the floor and that will require a bedskirt that will show from underneath. This will help you rule some lavender quilts out or choose to go up a size to give your bed full coverage.

You might assume that a lavender quilt is just for your daughter's bedroom and could never look grown-up enough for your own room - but you'd be wrong. Lavender quilts or any lavender bedding can all be mature enough, elegant enough, or sleek enough for your adult bedroom. It could really be what you need to make your bedroom more of an escape - a place to let yourself go.

It's all about the pattern on your lavender quilt that will depict its purpose. For a child's room, opt for a pretty floral in large or small flowers. For your bedroom, or your spare bedroom, choose a floral lavender quilt or a more solid pattern.

The truth is, it's more about how you decorate with your lavender quilt than it's pattern that will make it suitable for your bedroom or your daughter's. Decorate minimally with your own lavender quilt if you do not want it to look too floral-ly in there. If that's what you're going for, then have fun.

Lavender Quilt

Lavender Quilt
Lavender Quilt


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