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Lavender Sheets

Updated on March 16, 2011

Are Lavender Sheets Right for your Bedroom

Have you ever seen lavender sheets on a bed whether it was at a friends house or in a magazine and wish you had the style to add them to your bedding set? In this hub we will be discussing how to use lavender sheets to make a bedroom look stylish enough for a queen or king.

There are many shades of lavender some are darker and some are much lighter. Lavender is a light purplish color and is named after the lavender flower. For choosing the shade of lavender sheets i would select a darker shade for cooler months and a lighter shade for months were the weather will be warmer.

Lavender sheets are only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a relaxing and good looking bedroom. The other main part of the bedroom is wall color. The best colors to match lavender are yellows and oranges, consider using these as wall colors, if you want the wall paint to match the sheets.

More Lavender Sheets Decorating Advice

Wall paint is not the only place that you can add color to match the lavender sheets. Since lavender is a flower consider adding these flowers, whether real or fake to a nightstand.

Another place to match colors is with window treatments in the room. Curtains that match would be whites, oranges, and yellows. If you wanted to even go a step further try matching the material of the sheets to the window curtain material. This will really tie in a room's decor.

Lavender sheets and curtains can be found in many materials. The most popular fabrics for them to be made from are cotton, silk, and satin.

You may notice something called thread count when shopping for sheets, as general rule of thumb the higher the thread count the softer the sheets will feel to the touch. For window curtains the heavier the fabric the less light they will allow into the room.

Lavender sheets can be purchased online on and also at eBay.

Lavender Sheets
Lavender Sheets


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