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Lawn Care Advice For Healthy Green Grass

Updated on March 21, 2013

Seasonal Lawn Care Schedule

How is it that some people manage to have a lush green lawn while others struggle with a rough grassy area? There is no secret formula to having a healthy lawn but there are certain essential jobs through the seasons that are required to managing your lawn and keep it looking its best. By following this lawn care schedule you too can have a lawn that will be the envy of others.

Spring lawn care.

Spring is the season to tidy up and prepare the grass for growing. Rake off dead leaves and scarify the lawn. Scarifying is the job of using a metal pronged rake or motorized scarifying tool to remove moss and thatch (build-up of matted organic matter) in the lawn. This allows room for the grass to grow and breathe. Improve the drainage of the lawn by aerating it. This is done simply by using a digging fork to make deep holes all over the lawn. There are tools specifically designed for the job if there is a large surface area to cover but for small lawns a digging fork is ideal. Repair any bald patches with grass seed and remove any weeds before they have a chance to take hold and compete with the grass. For your first cuts with a lawn mower in spring, set the blades at their highest setting and give the grass only a light trim. Don't shock the grass with a heavy cut as this will cause stress and lead to weaker growth. Gradually, as the days get warmer and longer, lower the blades but never take off more than roughly a third of the length. This is the time of the year to encourage leaf growth so feed with a nitrogen rich fertilizer.


Summer lawn care.

Mow the lawn regularly to encourage and stimulate more growth but make sure you leave it a little longer in dry weather to help shade the ground to retain moisture and keep the grass strong. To further help with moisture control, remove the collection box to allow short clippings to return to the ground. The clippings will quickly break down into the soil, adding to its nutrients and improving water retention. In dry spells, long soaks of watering, done either morning or evening, will encourage deep root growth and healthier grass more tolerant to drought.

Autumn/fall lawn care.

Autumn is a good time to Scarify and aerate again. Slowly reduce the frequency of mowing as weather dictates and the pace of growth slows. Feed the lawn with fertilizer rich in potash and phosphates to help the grass produce strong roots.

Winter lawn care.

Keep the lawn free from leaves and debris which prevent the lawn from getting air and light. You may still have to give it a light trim on occasion if the weather us mild. If it's frosty, try not to walk on the lawn as this will damage it.

Follow these simple seasonal steps to achieve a lush green lawn you can be proud of.


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    • jasmith1 profile image

      Adrian Smith 5 years ago from UK

      Really pleased it was helpful. :) thanks for the vote up and feedback.

    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 5 years ago

      Very nice hub! These are all very good tips for keeping a healthy looking lawn. Vote up & useful!