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Lawn care marketing and billboards.

Updated on March 12, 2012

Lawn care marketing with billboards.

There are many different ways you can harness your lawn care marketing to attract customers. The best ones are those that can be tested for a price that falls within your budget and can target the lawn care customer base you want to hit. So before you go and spend any money at all on your next lawn care marketing campaign, ask yourself, can I test this within my budget and will it reach who I want it to reach.

So often new lawn care business owners think bigger is better and with that mind process, they look to the biggest splash they can make while spending the biggest amount of money. As a business owner, you have to fight yourself and remember your lawn care marketing is not about feeding your ego. It's not about getting your face up on a billboard so you can show mom that you are a success as you drive her by the new sign you purchased. Your marketing campaign should be about bringing in new customers and making money.

If you are considering placing an ad up on a billboard to promote your lawn care business. Let me advise you, DON'T DO IT! These signs cost way to much for what you should be spending on your lawn care marketing campaign. They can't be tested either. In order to purchase the sign, you are going to need to spend big money for a certain specific period of time.

If after the first two months of advertising this way, you find the billboard isn't attracting new customers, you can't do a thing about it. You can't pull it down. You can't stop paying. All you have left is to wait until your advertising contract runs it's course. Hopefully once it is done, you haven't spent your entire season's marketing budget on the billboard sign.

The other problem with billboard advertising for lawn care businesses is that you aren't hitting your target audience only. Instead you are hitting anyone who drives, walks, skates, or bicycles by the sign. You have no idea where they live. You have no idea if they live in a home with a lawn to cut. You have no idea what kind of salary they make and if they can afford to pay for lawn care. So don't do it!

Instead of wasting your time and money on billboard advertising, why not create some postcards and send them to a targeted neighborhood where you want to work! Now that is smart lawn care marketing! Or walk the neighborhood and go door to door with some door hangers? Say hi to as many home owners as you can. Meet them. Talk with them. The more people you meet that own homes with lawns, the more you can sell too.

So consider these tips and thoughts the next tip you are looking to spend money on your lawn care marketing. Whatever it is you choose to do. Make sure you can test it and make sure it hits your target audience.


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