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Laying Ceramic Floor Tile as a Flooring Option

Updated on March 14, 2012
kitchen flooring ideas should start with considering ceramic tile floors. they are durable, lasting, easy maintenance and beautiful.
kitchen flooring ideas should start with considering ceramic tile floors. they are durable, lasting, easy maintenance and beautiful. | Source

ceramic tile flooring is unique and distinct which attracts a lot of homeowners that want a beautiful one of a kind floor

Ceramic tile flooring can be installed as a kitchen flooring idea or a bathroom floor. Ceramic floor tiles are ideal for kitchen flooring because of their durability. Most homeowners that do select to lay ceramic floor tiles find them practical as well as beautiful. Ceramic flooring is a smart choice as these are floors that can withstand the heavy foot traffic found in the two busiest rooms of any home, the bathroom and the kitchen. Laying ceramic floor tiles as a flooring option is a clever choice for a number of good reasons.

Ceramic as a building material has been around for hundreds of years. Tile is actually created from clay that has been fired under enormous heat for curing. The firing method generates clay materials which are tough as well as strong. Glaze solutions are applied and baked on the clay materials making the hard substance that has been formed less brittle and much more stable to withstand the punishment from being underfoot in your bathroom flooring or kitchen flooring areas. There are a number of advantages to laying ceramic floor tiles or tiling as flooring preferences.


Ceramic floor tiles are waterproof. Spills will not mar your beautiful floor. This is not an option for some other types of floors. Certain wood floor options and other flooring materials don’t have waterproof capabilities. Laying ceramic floor tiles as a flooring option is a good choice.

Fire and stain resistant

Nearly all floor ceramics are fire and stain resistant as well as waterproof. This attribute adds to the durability of having this flooring in your home. Although ceramic floor tiling has all of these elements it doesn’t take anything away from the ease of cleaning your floors.

Easy maintenance

Ceramic flooring has easier maintenance than other types of floors such as slate or hardwood. For an example, wood floors attract a lot of dust and need to be cleaned often. Additionally, scuffs, scrapes and scratches will show requiring maintenance that may necessitate buffing or even re-sanding or else re- staining to keep the luster and shine you want in a wood floor.

Ceramic tile floors don’t have the same maintenance or cleaning requirements. The floors don’t have the same need for attention that most wood floors deserve. When compared side by side ceramic tile and wood will ever have the same life expectancy for a floor. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep these floors as nice as the day the ceramic tile was laid. Laying ceramic floor tile as a flooring option is one of the best choices if easy maintenance is one of your “must haves” for flooring.

Custom tiling or laying distinct tiling patterns

Numerous homeowners that pick ceramic tile floors for the kitchen or bath will have their own uniquely designed floor each and every time. Since ceramic tiles can be laid in any shape, form, design or color, you are creating your floor design as you are tiling. Each floor is only one of a kind. Unlike linoleum or vinyl that may come in one piece or one pattern, tiling permits you to fashion your own unique floor each time.

Tiles are sold in a wide array of sizes, colors, designs and patterns, but no two tiles are alike. All tiles are unique from one another even if cut, fired and produced at the same time because of the method used to form ceramic tile.

A number of floors are formed a tiles are laid using a variety of mixing and matching distinct shaped tiles which adds quality and intensity to any flooring idea. No two homeowners will ever have the exact same floor.

With the options available with ceramic floors a large number of homeowners have chosen ceramic when offered the choice of porcelain versus ceramic floor tiling.

Laying ceramic floor tile as a flooring option is a terrific choice for a number of different reasons. These are all of the benefits that can be seen with this type of flooring.


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