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Le Creuset Volcanic Range

Updated on August 16, 2010

The Le Creuset Volcanic Range is a set of high quality cookware in a distinctive orange and red finish that is highly durable as well as looking attractive. Le Creuset is available in many colors but the Volcanic hue is the trademark original color and the classic choice for anyone looking for high quality cooking items for their kitchen.

The first enamel coated cast iron pots were made by Le Creuset in France in 1925 and due to their high quality, the popularity of the brand spread across the world. As well as their original cast iron range, the company have branched out and utilized new technologies and materials in their cookware and now produce a wide range of items in stoneware, silicone and enameled steel to meet all requirements.

Le Creuset cast iron range

Le Creuset are best known for their range in enamel coated cast iron which lasts for many years without rusting, scratches, discoloration, dents or other damage. Cast iron is also a highly efficient material for cooking as it distributes the heat evenly and acts as an excellent insulator. Cast iron pots can be used directly on an open flame on a stove top, or inside an oven for baking. Unlike uncoated cast iron, enamel coated cast iron will never rust and does not need to be seasoned prior to cooking.

Le Creuset are probably most famous for their casserole dishes which come in a range of shapes and sizes such as the Le Creuset cast iron round casserole Volcanic 22 cm. The casseroles all come with lids  and can be bought as a circular, oval or even heart shape. There are also shallow or deep casserole dishes to choose from to suit the cooking of different dishes.

Le Creuset Cookware

You can also buy a range of pans in the Le Creuset Volcanic orange shade and these are well regarded for being high quality and a pleasure to cook with. It is certainly true that you will not have to buy another pan for many years after investing in a set from Le Creuset. The range includes saucepans and frying pans in a range of sizes.

As well as the popular Le Creuset cast iron Volcanic kitchen items, the range also includes several stoneware items including serving dishes, storage jars, mugs, tea pots, jugs and other items so it is possible to fully kit out your kitchen in coordinating items.

One of the most popular items in the Volcanic range is the Le Creuset traditional kettle volcanic. This kettle comes in two different sizes, can be used on the stove top and is complete with a whistle to let you know when the water is boiling. Made from enameled steel, the kettle conducts heat evenly, resulting in a reduced boiling time. The handle is made from a highly heat resistant plastic for easy handling when taking it off the stove. As well as being highly practical, this kettle looks great and adds warmth and charm to any kitchen.

Le Creuset is a traditional company that is not afraid of using new technologies and materials if they help to make our lives easier and this is illustrated in their silicone range including “multimats” which can be used as a potholder, trivet or tool for opening jars and bottles; and spatulas in a bright orange color to coordinate with the rest of the Le Creuset Volcanic range.

The Le Creuset breakfast range includes everything you need for a perfect relaxing weekend breakfast, all in the Volcanic stoneware color. You can buy mugs, tea pots, a sugar bowl and jugs which will all look great on your breakfast table. For keen bakers, the patisserie collection includes flan and pie dishes, ramekins and loaf dishes to enable you to make a whole range of tempting desserts, savory pies and breads – all looking wonderful against the classic Le Creuset Volcanic stoneware.


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