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Leaking Roof Issues: Porch Roof Leaks

Updated on May 9, 2013

Signs of Leaking

Water leaking from where the porch roof connects to the main roof.
Water leaking from where the porch roof connects to the main roof. | Source

There are many problems and obstacles that we face when we embark on construction projects. But time and time again, water seems to be what people call about 90% of the time. The house is not supposed to have water in it, especially not dripping from the ceiling or through the casings and trim around windows and doors. In this case, the roof is leaking where the porch roof ties into the main roof. When one roof ties into another at a different pitch, there is supposed to be flashing properly installed to prevent issues like the one pictured. This is a very simple fix, but will require removing the existing shingles where the roofs meet, installing flashing that goes under the top piece of underlayment on the main roof and on top of the next piece of underlayment on the porch roof so that water cannot go behind the flashing. Then ice and water shield should be applied over the galvanized metal flashing in order to be able to attached the shingles with nails. Then new shingles will have to be applied but course can only be nailed through the top of the flashing. The remaining courses will have to be tared onto the underlayment to prevent further leaking. A typical project like this will cost between $600 and $1000 for a contractor to fix and discard of the waste materials responsibly. This is only if there is no structural damage. If there is any structural damage, significant costs should be expected.


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