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Leaking Toilet

Updated on October 21, 2011
Leaking Toilet
Leaking Toilet

Diagnosing A Leaking Toilet

Hello everyone!

This article is about leaking toilet and I will be writing a few points that everyone should worry about. Why should you care about a leaking toilet? what if you don't care? what will happen?

If you have a leaking toilet in your home, you must check the problem asap and determine what will be the best approach to put a stop in the problem. Diagnosing the problem will help you identify the best way to address the issue with the least amount of money, however, if you decide that you don't want to do anything with it yourself, you should then contract a professional asap, you can't afford to overlook the situation.

If you don't do anything about it, you will soon or later how much severe the problem will have become, you will also realize that when problems are resolved when in the beggining, the solution usually is simpler that if you live it for later.

No repairing a toilet leak problem, will lead to possible water damage within the area where the toilet is located and, most of the time, water damage can cost several hundreds of dollars or even thousands, not to mention the water bill increased that you will have to pay.

For more information in how to diagnose a toilet leak and how to fix it yourself, please, visit my website:

Why Do Toilets Leak?

Most of the time, water leakage will happen due to the age of the fixtures, as the the fixtures get old, they start to losing the durability which accelarates the lack of performance, until gets to the point that can longer perform effectively.

Other reasons for a leaking toilet has to do with the water hardness, impurities and calcium buildup olver your plumbing system, including between the toilet tank and bowl.

Also, most toilets that are sold in today's market comes with the two pieces, the bowl and the tank when the toilet is put together, it will have a tank to bowl gasket that will be praced in the bottom of the tank which will be pressed toward the bowl.

The gasket will eventually get old and it will lose its elascticity which will then leak.

Also, the supply line that connects with the tank can also leak due to improper tithening.

The fluid master that is located inside the tank can also leak if it is not tighten properly in the bottom.

The float ball if not adjusted properly to the right level inside the tank will cause the water to run continually.

The flapper ball in the bottom of the tank, it is not properly installed will not seal efficiently and it will continually leak water into the tank.

Lastly, if the wax ring located in the bottom of the toilet, between the floor flange and the base of the toilet is deffective or not sealing properly, it will allow water to leak through it wich will eventually run through the floor.

So, I hope I gave several reasons of why toilet leak and why it is so important to address the problem as soon as it is discovered.

Good luck!


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