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How to Make an Indoor Faux Leather Look Effect On Your Walls With Paint

Updated on February 11, 2013

Leather creates a rich, classic decorating style, but it can be expensive and difficult to maintain. Using a faux paint finishing idea, such as a leather paint effect on your walls and accessories, will give you the look without the high cost or the headache.

Faux Leather Paint Walls
If you are looking for ideas on how to paint a living room, or other common area, try adding the warmth of faux leather to your home.

You will need a cream, or light tan, latex paint, a darker brown glaze, a paint roller, a flat brush, a stipple brush and painter’s tape. If you do not find the glaze color you want, you can mix brown paint and a glazing medium to create your own.

Use the roller to base-coat the walls and trim. When it is dry, tape off the ceiling, windows, doors and trim with painter’s tape.

You will need to complete the next part of the process in small sections. First, apply the glaze to a small area with the flat brush. Then lightly pounce the wall with the stipple brush held at a 90º angle to the wall. Repeat the steps on another small area, covering only a space you can stipple before the glaze dries.

If you cannot find a stipple brush, you can make your own with a chamois cloth:
Cut the cloth into 2-inch wide strips. Fold the strips in half and tie them or place a rubber band around the folded middle. This will give you something that looks similar to a mop head. Use the strip ends to pounce the wall.

Faux Leather Accessories
Using the faux leather painting technique, can also be useful in recycled home decorating - if you have wooden desk trays, pencil cups, or other accessories, you can use the same technique to paint them, after sanding them lightly to prepare the surface. For accessories with surfaces that will not easily take the paint, there is another alternative.

For this project, you will need brown kraft paper or grocery bags, brown or black tempera paint, a sponge brush, a soft rag or paper towels, craft glue and water.

First, hold the paper under running water to soak it. Next, crumple it into a ball and squeeze out as much water as you can. Carefully open the ball and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Now, brush the textured paper with tempera paint thinned to the consistency of milk. Use the rag or paper towels to remove most of the paint, leaving an uneven pattern.

Mix equal parts of craft glue and water. Tear the paper into small, uneven pieces. With a sponge brush, apply a thin coat of the glue mixture to the decorative accessory to which you are adding the leather look. Place the torn paper on the glue surface, overlapping the pieces slightly. Brush the entire surface with a light coat of the glue mixture and allow it to dry. Apply another thin coat of the glue and let it dry completely.

This technique will cover almost anything, including lampshades, lights and plug covers, tissue boxes, magazine storage bins and other decorative finishers.

With this faux leather paint idea, you can have the style, warmth and luxury elicited by the sight of leather without the hassle of keeping it in good condition.


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    • pjmartin profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      I think the size of the room dictates whether you want to do all four walls or to make this an accent wall. It could make the room really dark if you did all of them, but it could add warmth and visual texture if you do one wall this way and then use a soft ivory on the rest.

    • profile image

      Keara Littner 

      3 years ago

      I've never actually seen a room with a faux leather paint job before. That might actually be pretty interesting to look into a bit more over the next few days. There are a couple of rooms in my home that I feel could benefit from a fresh paint job. If I like the way a faux leather room looks, then I might try to do that.


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