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Reasons Why You Should Choose Leather Over Microfiber

Updated on November 1, 2016

Think Before You Buy

So you spend hours couch shopping and you have finally chosen the right one, a beautiful microfiber sectional but will it stand up against your family's abuse? The sales person didn't show you a demonstration of easy clean-up for water spills or what product to use if it gets stained. Or if you even wanted to work that hard to keep a couch clean. They saw you coming and didn't care. That's why we have internet, to review products or just about anything before we buy them. Today we are going to be talking about two very popular materials for couches, leather and microfiber.


Leather is a very durable material and the upkeep is little to none. I have had leather couches all my life and leather is my number one choice. I have two big dogs, a husband that comes home from work dirty and a 3 year old. All my couches have held up against the abuse. There are some cons, although I don't know if I'd call them that... more like pet peeves that come with owning a leather couch.


  • The leather material stays very cold not warm and cozy.
  • You slide off easy.
  • It's noisy.

Those are the cons or pet peeves I have with leather. Nothing to really worry about, I just put a blanket down before I sit so It's not so cold. Small price to pay for little up keep. Here are the pros.


  • No staining.
  • Does not hold smells.
  • Extremely durable material.
  • If a mess does occur just wipe off.

The Monster Inside my Home; Microfiber

Cozy, comfy and soft on the outside but don't let that fool you. It's hard work keeping up with micro material. Unless you are single, or live with your partner only with no kids and pets... it might be a safe choice for you. As for the rest of us we know what happens inside the monster microfiber. Here I have listed the pros and the cons.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Very soft and warm.
  • Hugs your body.


  • Stains very easy.
  • Leaves a circle mark around the stains even after cleaning.
  • Cleaning the stain can make the circle bigger.
  • Holds smells.
  • Always looks dirty.
  • Not very durable at all.
  • Hard to clean pet hair off of it.

Learn From My Mistake

As I said, I am a leather lover and have had leather couches all my life. It all started a month ago when my husband convinced me to buy a microfiber couch. I thought well why not change is a good thing right? not always. I did it, I made the switch to microfiber, not even a week later that couch had stains, a hole in the center console and smelled like wet dog and husband just got off work smell. I blame my husband because now we are stuck with a microfiber couch for a couple of years. It's not going to look like a couch when my family gets done with it. The thing is, I did read reviews online before I bought microfiber. Apparently I was reading dis-honest reviews or didn't spend enough time digging through other reviews finding the ones that were bashing microfiber. And finally I listened to the salesman who sold me the couch... I broke the number one rule; never trust a salesman. Learn from my mistake.


Stuck with your new microfiber for a while? I have gathered some tips to help aid in easy clean-up process.

  • Baby Wipes for stains - take a baby wipe and gently scrub the entire surface area over the stain. Then scrub the area completely dry with a dry towel or rag. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the process.
  • Tough stains - I recommend Woolite Carpet and Upholstery cleaner. Do not spray directly on the stain it will saturate it causing an even bigger stain. Dampen a dry towel or rag with the Woolite and gently scrub. Now use a dry towel or rag to dry the area completely. Hair dryer is optional. Repeat process for set-in stains.
  • Pet hair - Vacuum as much of it as you can and then go back over with a sticky lint roller. You will have to repeat this process several times to remove all the hair.
  • Pet odor - Sprinkle baking soda where your dog lays on the couch. Leave on for 30 minutes. Vacuum it all up. For stinky couches repeat process.

Always keep these simple tips handy, It's tough work owning microfiber.

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Leather or Microfiber

Which do you Prefer Leather or Microfiber?

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