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Leather Platform Beds used

Updated on August 27, 2016


Leather Beds

When my husband informed me that he thought we should get a leather platform bed, my jaw dropped to the ground and I was left speechless. I had no idea what one of these beds were but I am sure that they belonged in a house of ill repute rather than a home in the suburbs. The words “leather platform bed” conjured up all sorts of images and they were not images that I wanted.

Contemporary Chic

Platform Beds

It was not until later in the day when I decided to Google these beds, that I realised that they were actually quite stylish and elegant. A leather platform bed is a very practical addition to a bedroom. They are beds with no springs but with a raised, flat hard surface and because of their minimal height; can leave a room looking like it has much more space.

Idea for Storage

Storage Beds

We chose a black one with a storage box underneath, which not only looked great but was extremely practical and the minimal design seemed to make it much easier to match up with the decor in the bedroom. I decided that I had to get a whole new set of bedding and I went with an oriental design in deep red and gold, to add a touch of style to my bedroom.

Once it was all set up and the new bedding was on, we stepped back to look at our room and we were quite surprised at how good it looked. Our room looked much more spacious, comfortable and even my attempt at the oriental theme seemed to have worked out quite nicely.


A Peaceful Oasis

It is nice to have a somewhere you can go after a busy day and unwind in comfort. In fact our leather platform bed was so comfortable I found myself unable to get up in the mornings; but after I do manage to drag myself out of bed, I find myself being lured back there for an indulgent afternoon nap.

Low and Sleek

Low to the Ground

I must admit, for the first week after the bed arrived, I managed to roll out of it 3 times. This is because it is lower than my old bed and for some reason I found this much easier to fall out of! I did end up staying put though after the first week, which is just as well. At the rate I was going the only bed I would have ended up in would have been a hospital bed, luckily there were no broken bones but I did have some pretty good bruises though.

Oriental Style

Great Looking Room

My room looks great, I sleep well and the room definitely feels much more sophisticated and elegant than it did previously. I don’t think that I could go back to another type of bed and all those images that a leather platform bed conjured up originally, are long gone.

Ultra Modern Leather Platform Bed

DIY Platform Bed

Platform Beds - Yes or No?

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