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How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Save Money.

Updated on November 30, 2013

I am a proponent of green living, as you can tell from my hubs, so I am always looking for new ways to green up my home and lifestyle. Over the years I have found being green doesn't have to be expensive or less effective than commercial cleaners. This moment of epiphany came to me one day, while grocery shopping, I realized that I was spending a fortune on cleaning products. Such as Pine Sol, my favorite, Bleach, Ajax and the like. If it was new and improved I bought it. Needless to say that these products on a monthly or even every other month adds up to a lot of cash not to mention all the chemicals that you are exposing yourself and family to.

I decided to research this to see what I was really dealing with and I found the following information from I found this really scary to say the least that while trying to protect my family I was really doing them a great disservice. And wasting a lot of money too boot.

The Risk of Chemical Disinfectants:

When disinfectants are used in low levels, researchers found that they actually make certain bacteria stronger and resistant to antibiotic treatment. This is true even in hospital settings, and certainly applies to the low-level disinfectants many use around their homes.

While building up antibiotic-resistance and thereby contributing to the creation of superbugs, chemical disinfectants disrupt the balance of bacteria, both good and bad, in your home, making it much easier for the bad bacteria to flourish.

Meanwhile, the chemicals themselves are toxic in their own right. For instance Lister’s carbolic acid, now known as phenol, is a common main ingredient in household detergents like Lysol, Pine-Sol and Spic-n-Span. It’s also found in mouthwash.

Phenol is toxic and people who are hypersensitive can experience serious side effects at very low levels. Studies have linked phenols to:

• Damage to your respiratory and circulatory systems
• Heart damage
• Respiratory problems
• Damage to your liver, kidneys and eyes
• Nonyl phenol ethoxylate, a common ingredient in laundry detergents and all-purpose cleaners, is banned in Europe, and biodegrades slowly into even more toxic compounds

Other chemicals found in household disinfectants include:

• Formaldehyde, found in spray and wick deodorizers, which is a suspected carcinogen
• Petroleum solvents in floor cleaners may damage mucous membranes
• Butyl cellosolve, found in many all-purpose and window cleaners, may damage your kidneys, bone marrow, liver and nervous system
• Triclosan, the active ingredient in most antibacterial products, not only kills bacteria, it also has been shown to kill human cells

So, after digesting this information I went on a quest to see what was available in my own cupboards. My great find was hydrogen peroxide. As we all know that peroxide is a great disinfectant. Who hasn't had a boo-boo that our moms or grandmothers haven't whipped out the peroxide poured it and then watched the germs bubble away. Naturally, my next thought was "Hmmm, I wonder if it would work on my counter tops and in my bathroom?"

Now, I can remember my mother making a scouring paste out of this wonderful liquid. She would mix, in a small glass bowl, a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda with the peroxide which she would add just enough to make a paste. With paste in hand she would tackle the worst of bathroom stains, sink rings, grout stains by spreading it around the ring or on the stain to be removed and let it set until the paste dried . Once the paste had dried she would take a plastic scouring pad or rag that had been moistened and wipe/scour the stain away. Needless to say I tried it and it worked great. I even had to admit that it worked just as well as the can of Bleach laden Comet that I had sitting in my cupboard.

Some other great uses that I found for this super cleaner are as follows:

1) use instead of mouthwash it not only kills the bacteria in your mouth but it also whitens your teeth. My mom in fact for many years used the baking soda and peroxide paste on her dentures and they were always sparkling clean and white.

2) instead of using color safe bleaches or regular bleach like "Clorox 2 and Clorox", which by the way the main ingredient in "Clorox 2" is peroxide. Pour about 1/2 to 1/4 cup of peroxide in your laundry instead of bleach. Just remember to check your fabrics for color-fastness.

3) after each time you shower use spray bottle with peroxide and water in it to spray down your shower to kill any germs that may be lingering. It will also help to kill any mildew and mold as well.

4) Soak toothbrushes in peroxide to keep them clean and germ free. This one is my favorite during cold and flu season.

I hope I have better shown that by cleaning green you are not only helping your family, your environment, but your purse. This simple unassuming brown bottle that we all have lurking in our medicine cabinets can replace all the other junk we spend a fortune on each and every month. And it only cost's about a dollar a bottle.


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