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5 Great Uses for Lemon- You and Your Home

Updated on May 2, 2012



Lemons- A Super Useful Fruit

Lemons are great nutritionally, they are very high in Vitamin C and contain about 20% of your daily dietary fiber. They contain several vitamins and minerals essential to maintaining your health, all while only packing about 20 calories and no fat! Besides nutritional value, there are many other incredible uses for lemons.

Some of the uses for lemons include air freshening, cleaning, lightening your hair and skin, and using them as a natural remedy for several health problems. Now that's a super useful fruit! There are loads of great uses for lemons, and we are going to examine five of the best!

1. Lemon Scents

Citrus scents are known for having a fresh clean smell and making you feel energized. One of the best lemon uses is air freshening. There are several ways to use them to accomplish this. Here are some of the best!

a. An easy way is to slice up a lemon and set the bowl out in a room. It will slowly permeate the room and have you feeling energized in no time Try setting a bowl of fresh cut lemons out in the bathroom!

b. One neat trick is to throw some lemon peels into your fireplace. Instead of just the scent of burning wood, you'll get a pleasant smoky citrus smell. You can also try throwing some lemons in a bowl of water and setting it on top of a wood burning stove to permeate the air quicker!

c. Try squeezing some fresh lemon juice into your humidifier or atomizer. This can help disinfect it and gives off a wonderful scent, the best part is it's all natural!

Use Lemon Juice for Lighter Hair

2. Lemon Uses for Your Body

Now we've seen how lemons can be used for freshening rooms and cleaning the kitchen. They can also be used for beauty and treating small cuts. Skip all of those expensive skin whitening products and beauty products, go get some lemons!

a. Try lightening dark spots on your face by adding about a teaspoon of lemon juice to your face wash. Then wash your face as normal, rinsing thoroughly. Many swear by this method, just be sure and moisturize afterward so you skin doesn't dry out to bad.

b. Lemon juice can be used to lighten your hair as well. Some recommend slicing a lemon and running it over your hair, but I put lemon juice in a spray bottle and lightly sprayed the areas of my hair I wanted lighter. I didn't soak it, just enough to make it slightly damp. Then go outside in the sun for about an hour and presto, lighter hair! I don't recommend this if you have color treated hair.

c. The next time you get a small scratch or cut, go for a lemon instead of the disinfecting spray. Lemons are all natural and great at disinfecting due to their high acidity levels. This does sting a little, but most things do when you put them on scratches and cuts. You can even stash a lemon or lemon juice in your first aid kit for a camping trip!

Fresh Lemon Juice


3. Use Lemons as a Kitchen Cleaner

The kitchen is one of the toughest places to clean, and we are constantly cleaning it! We all pretty much prepare are food there, so the more natural the better! Try some of these useful lemon methods the next time you go to tackle your kitchen!

a. Cut a lemon in half, then sprinkle salt on the fleshy side. Now you can use this to clean your kitchen sink. Use it like you would a sponge or cloth, using the fleshy side down, scrubbing in small circles while gently squeezing. Then rinse your sink and watch it shine!

b. Create a mixture of half lemon juice and half water, and put it in a spray bottle. Now you have a homemade kitchen cleanser that's all natural. Just be sure and spot test countertops first, as acidic solutions can harm some.

c. If you have a garbage disposal, you know they can get to smelling pretty bad sometimes. To keep it smelling clean and fresh put some lemon peels down there once a week or so, it helps clean and deodorize!

Guides to Lemon Uses

4. Lemon Remedies

Many people practice nothing but natural healing and natural remedies. Lemons are used for a multitude of health issues as a natural remedy. Their acidity plays a role in this, the same thing that makes them a great cleaner can also help cure indigestion!

a. Drinking lemon water can help with indigestion. Though you might not think so, it can help with bloating, gas, and heartburn. Squeeze a fresh cut lemon into a glass of water and drink! For a boosted effect, add a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of ginger to this, or you can simply stick with straight lemon water.

b. Lemons can help with the build up uric acid which causes gout. Simply use the method above, drinking lemon water every morning, and you'll start noticing a big difference with your gout flare ups. It's best drank by squeezing the juice of a fresh lemon into water and drinking on an empty stomach.

c. The next time you have a cold or flu try drinking a lemon herbal tea. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into your tea and add some honey. This will help you get Vitamin C which is believed to cut shorten the length of your symptoms and helps boost immunity!

Zesting Lemons

Lemons for Citrus Cooking!

Lemons are one of the most used items when cooking. They are used as garnishments, for flavor, and to help preserve the vivid color of vegetables. Here are some great uses for lemons when you're creating your masterpieces in the kitchen!

a. Keep rice from clumping together by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice when cooking. This will help it stay nice and fluffy and clump free!

b. Use lemons when juicing to cover the taste of the vegetables you don't like. When I juice, I add a lemon whenever I add celery. I can't stand celery and one lemon will cover the taste nicely. Be careful how often you use it though. Using it on a daily basis will make your mouth sore after about a week due to the acidity.

c. Lemons are great for flavoring, especially fish. But did you know you can actually use the peeling? Just take a lemon and grate the bright yellow peeling into tiny pieces and add it to your recipe! Avoid the white part, it's got a bitter taste, just the bright yellow peel on the outside.

d. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice in when hard boiling eggs. About a teaspoon should do and this will greatly aid in peeling them later!

e. And last but not least, lemons for lemonade! Try combining regular Kool Aid with some real lemon juice. You might need a little extra sugar to get the kids to drink it, but real juice is the best. You can also combine the juice of several lemons with water and sugar to taste for all fresh natural lemonade. Try adding several fruit juices together to make pink lemonade, or strawberry lemonade. Don't forget to put some slices of the fruits in the drink after you done making it to give it some flare! The possibilities are endless!


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    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 6 years ago from Missouri, US

      Yeah lemon has a ton of great uses! This just barely scratches the surface, but they were some of the most useful I'd found, and I tried to include quite a variety so everyone could find something to use it for. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 6 years ago

      So many great uses with this awesome fruit, thank you Vampsdes for outlining them so well. I didn't know about the rice idea, that will come in handy as I love to make rice dishes whenever I have the ingredients. Using them on a scratch or cut is a helpful tip as well, great and helpful article. Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting :)

    • Vampsdes profile image

      Vampsdes 6 years ago from Missouri, US

      Well thank you! Lemons have a ton of uses. I kind of made 5 categories and lumped some of my favorite uses together in them. But, there are so many more it's unbelievable! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it! :)

    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      Another great hub! This was a great read with useful tips and ideas about how to use lemons. New to me were your ideas about using lemon juice with rice to keep it from clumping, and using lemon juice when boiling eggs to make them easier to peel.

      Voted up, useful and interesting. And, you have a new fan!


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