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Lenox Bowls, Vases Review: Crystal, Porcelain, Bone China, Glass, Patterns, Collections

Updated on January 7, 2015

Lenox Serveware

Lenox bowls include the brand's entire range of patterns, collections, and gold and platinum embellishment – Lenox vases go even further, introducing new visuals, shapes, and décor ideas, drawing inspiration from oriental, historic, and artistic spheres of design.

As a result, these two important sections in the company's selection compliment each other, one focusing on the traditional and familiar, the other venturing into riskier, bolder, fashion-conscious configurations (though it must be said Lenox offer a range of classically built vases as well.

The reason for the contrast lies in functionality. Bowls serve mainly in the kitchen and the dining room – rarely are they given the opportunity to shine outside these quintessential home venues.

Vases, either crystal, porcelain, or ceramic are inherently more versatile and stand separated from the function of carrying food. Their goal is to enhance the general aesthetic – they can accommodate flowers, or simply display themselves as a centerpiece of sorts, exhibiting their colors and ornaments. Compare to Noritake, Mikasa, Pfaltzgraff serveware.

Let's take a closer look:

Lenox Porcelain Bowl
Lenox Porcelain Bowl

Classic Dinnerware

Classic bowls comprise rounded, rectangular, or slightly oval vegetable, fruit (including citrus), and bread containers, made from the finest bone china Lenox can offer; they usually bear the same patterns as their respective plates, platters, and cups porcelain counterparts.

Besides such iconic brand patterns as Autumn Legacy, Eternal, Circ, Federal Platinum, Hancock, Holiday series, June Lane, Winter Greetings, Venetian Lace, and others, several dedicated collections complete the assortment: Simply Fine, L by Lenox, Marchesa, and others.

Various Serveware

Additional bowl designs include star, sugar, and low bowls, oblong (oval and rectangular) bowls, sauce boats, casseroles, divided servers, and other less conventional and more specialized items.


More elongated and elegant than the bowls – they don't have to host dishes – vases become the tallest focal points at the table, particularly so if loaded with flowers. The range of styles and materials Lenox employ in this segment is vast (over 100 types of products): Fenton vases (art glass), non-lead and full-lead crystal (various hues), fine crystal (clear, etched), porcelain, ivory china, ceramic, and even metal.

Gold and platinum accents provide the necessary touch of timeless tradition, while clear glass or crystal pieces create the necessary mood for transition from dining to following bonding and conversation. Kate Spade glass vases in particular enliven the surroundings with bright green and hot pink tones.


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