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Lenox China, Porcelain, Bone China Patterns Review: Autumn, Holiday, Winter, Vintage, Venetian, Other

Updated on January 7, 2015

Lenox Patterns

The hundreds of patterns Lenox offer to their customers might seem superfluous to the uninitiated – yet to an experienced homemaker they constitute the quintessential, indispensable component, the component that enable to create a unique kitchen and home atmosphere that will never be replicated anywhere else (especially if several complementing patterns are cleverly combined).

All major china brands are aware of that important underlying factor, and they compete each other for the most popular and bestselling pattern; yet it's the variety of all brands combined that eventually gives clients the vast range of options they need.

What Lenox might not have (a single pattern detail, a floral ornament that's a tad too bright or dim), Noritake, Pfaltzgraff, Mikasa, Waterford, or Oneida will have, all together securing a complete scope of dinnerware, flatware, stemware and other tableware products – addressing all imaginable tastes and design preferences.

Moreover, since china will often stay for a very long time in a family, shopping becomes burdened with a special kind of responsibility, and a range of choices once again becomes essential. Let's take a closer look at some of Lenox most familiar and iconic patterns:

Lenox Bone China Set
Lenox Bone China Set

Bone China Designs

  • Autumn Legacy presents a classic design that softens the formality of the gray enamel and platinum with a luscious floral signature. Reserved and timeless – yet warm at the same time, it ensues from early Lenox Autumn collections.

  • Holiday Series displays vibrant, colorful botanic motifs on the borders, featuring green leaves, red berries, and in more festive (Christmas oriented) lines acorns, ribbons and holly. 24K gold banded, these patterns substitute formality for more open expressions of joy.

  • Winter Greetings reveals a more ornate version of Holiday series, focusing on winter design ideas, particularly Christmas. Seasonal birds and red ribbons, complemented by golden band trims, complement this transitional pattern.

  • Vintage Jewel, as the title implies, exhibits an antique inspired design, inspired by regal Old World decoration styles, and décor elements reminiscent of hand-weaving carpet techniques. Solid, tight composition creates a powerful, bonding atmospheric effect.

  • Venetian Lace opts for soft, calm latticework based decoration that blends seamlessly with the rich milky color of the bone china. A more summer friendly, breezy dinnerware.

  • Circ provides a playful alternative to Noritake's Colorwave, painting the porcelain in black, blue, and green circles.


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