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Lenox Collections, Dinnerware, Coffee, Tea Service Reviews: Platinum, Gold, Other

Updated on January 7, 2015

Lenox Tea and Coffee Service

In this review we discuss some of Lenox' most popular and bestselling patterns, and take a special look at the brand's coffee and tea services – a china category that matches the company's bowls and vases in variety of shapes and design. We dedicated a separate article to such patterns as Vintage Jewel, Venetian Lace, Autumn Legacy, Winter Greetings, and Circ.

Tea and coffee services include two categories of porcelain products teapots and coffeepots, the primary items, and various complimentary bowls (sugar, cream). While the bowls present interesting designs that diverge from the symmetric and large containers offered with the full sets, it is the pots that really catch and please the eye – for several reasons.

First, they carry a finial, a spout and a handle – components that enliven the rest of the piece, creating a lacy and curving appearance that contrasts with the perfectly round plates or the accurately oval or rectangular platters and trays. Second, they inject linear variety to the generally solid dinnerware; inherently fragile, they evoke a sense of intimacy and caring that seems to pour out of the pot and mix with the delicious liquid inside. Compare to Noritake, Mikasa, and Pfaltzgraff.

Let's take a closer look:

Lenox Coffee Pot
Lenox Coffee Pot


  • Butterfly Meadow is one of Lenox most familiar collections, with over a hundred different products – dinnerware, flatware, serveware, stemware; china, glass, fabrics; bowls, plates, vases, linens – all of which feature colorful meadow flowers and blossoms around which large butterflies flutter. Classic, heart-warming, part playful, part intimate design.

  • Opal Innocence follows closely Butterfly Meadow in popularity (and outmatches it according to some tastes), presenting a more formal, tradition oriented aesthetic. White, lacy, textural pattern decorates the bone china and porcelain pieces, accented with a platinum band. Includes plates, cups, vases, bowls, platters, trays, salt and pepper shakers, tea and coffee serving sets, and more.

  • Eternal series (square, round) opts for an ivory white tone, offsetting it with a 24K gold bands and accents – this is a more festive, outgoing version of the reserved Opal Innocence. Includes, besides china, a lot of flatware pieces: forks, knives, spoons, as well as hostess sets, and even lamps and jewelry.

  • Winter series almost explode with vibrant colors and Christmas décor: garlands, ribbons, pine, holly, and mistletoe branches, and bright winter birds. Universal Christmas china, unreservedly bright and joyous.

  • Spring Vista design takes a more quiet, sober approach – as if aware of the preceding winter hardships – exhibiting a calmly but confidently developing border ornament. All the colors and the green buds (hand painted) portend warmth and abundance. One of Lenox most evocative patterns.

  • Kate Spade, the esteemed designer, collaborated with Lenox to create dinnerware, flatware, stemware, and other porcelain, crystal and metal table accessories. Kate Spade style reveals light, elegant approach, use of soft colors (black and white patterns, green, blue, pink, brown tones), and reliance of a range of ancient and modern motifs.


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