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Lenox Plates, Platters, Trays China/Porcelain Review: Innocence, Solitaire, Watercolor, Tuxedo, Other

Updated on January 7, 2015

Lenox Dinnerware

What bowl and vases achieve by height and volume, platters, plates, and trays redeem with space. Plates constitute the definitive china item: the dinner plate in particular is the quintessential porcelain piece, capable of serving several functions besides the primary one of hosting the food for diners and guests. Perfect round shape echoes this versatility and universality.

Lenox offer over a hundred of plates and platters created in different forms, shapes, materials, designs – several hundred objects all in all, a truly exhaustive selection. Patterns range from traditional and classic, often gold or platinum accented, transitional, featuring floral elements arranged in semi-formal layouts, and contemporary – which encompass casual, geometrical, abstract, and other similar compositions that favor experimentation.

Other types of china include: sauce boat stands, oval platters, accent, butter, and salad plates, soup and pasta bowls, and more. Sizes range from four to sixteen inches in diameter, the utility of the item usually expanding along with the size – a wide platter can hold, besides served meals, fruits and vegetables (reducing the need for a dedicated bowl), bread, and other dishes that will not spill over. Compare to Noritake, Mikasa, and Pfaltzgraff. Let's take a closer look:

Lenox Oval Platter
Lenox Oval Platter

Bone China

Plates comprise four parts of the classic 5-piece setting that has become the most conventional used arrangement in today's dining rooms. Standard dinner plate is followed closely by salad plate and butter plate, and then by a small saucer – a smaller flat china piece that supports the teacup.

Bellina, Opal Innocence, Solitaire, Republic, Tuxedo, Watercolor series, Westchester, and other collections are only a few of the titles Lenox provide (click here to read more on other Lenox patterns).

Platters and Trays

This porcelain segment can't emulate the scope of the plate patterns – but it compensates with a variety in shapes and forms. Usually deeper than their dinner counterparts, platters and trays display oval, rectangular, square, and other less conventional builds, notably diversifying the table aesthetic, pleasing the eye with more elaborate lines.

Elongated, triangular, metal, divided, irregular and other trays follow this entertaining concept, introducing an important note of festivity and fun into the general picture.


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