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Let Your Bathroom Lighting Make Your Bathroom Shine

Updated on February 21, 2016

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These four different methods of bringing together different aspects of illumination give homeowners a variety of options

Dont use the lighting =mom and dad had back in the day. New ones are better in the long run  to compliment design and decor. Additionally, many are eco friendly as well.
Dont use the lighting =mom and dad had back in the day. New ones are better in the long run to compliment design and decor. Additionally, many are eco friendly as well. | Source
Windowless rooms have special needs. The unique aspect makes for limits on some types of installation ideas. The ultimate space contains more than one
Windowless rooms have special needs. The unique aspect makes for limits on some types of installation ideas. The ultimate space contains more than one | Source
Things which influence the final decision include colors and hues being used for walls, towels, curtains, windows and even the material of the facets.
Things which influence the final decision include colors and hues being used for walls, towels, curtains, windows and even the material of the facets. | Source
If one area of the room needs ambient lighting while others look better under a different kind, use both together.
If one area of the room needs ambient lighting while others look better under a different kind, use both together. | Source

What is the importance of it ?

Having the lighting in the bathroom to make it look inviting and appealing is great. More importantly, safety is a concern overlooked. This is one area of the house with the highest rate of deadly accidents. Do everything possible to avoid any happening because the lighting wasn't what it could of have been.

Most people are surprised by the number of times this area is used.

However, bathroom lighting is as important as the other illumination around the rest of any person’s home. Countless individuals believe what particular type or kind selected is more important than any other room of a home. Part of the significance is because of the amount of visitors it receives on any given day. This is also one of the few rooms used by both guests and people living in the home.

Accidents are waiting to happen

Statistics reveal this is one of the most accident-prone zones in any living space. Houses, duplexes and apartments all over the map have mishaps, sometimes serious, taking place in the bathroom. Brighter is better. Be able to see the right side of the razor, where the hot and cold water taps are located, if the window is open or closed, if an electronic appliance is plugged in and countless other ways to avoid becoming a statistic.

Stay away from the bathroom illumination most folks grew up with

Lighting for a bathroom is something a lot of people simply overlook. There is so many more pressing concerns which are put ahead of being able to see in this small space. It’s an area of the home most people simply assume if it’s bright enough for a clear reflection in the mirrors then it’s okay. This is not true. It makes an enormous difference what type of source is used for radiance. It actually is monies well spent now and in the future of a home.

Why make a change?

The obvious reasons come to mind right away. Most people enjoy having an attractive place to live. Additionally, upgrades or improvements to the kitchen or bathroom of a home is a great investment in the equity. Furthermore, this method of changing things for the better is typically part of the general overhaul.

Countless people take the time to change the colors, design or layout of the bath a minimum of at least once a year. A number of persons even choose to do an improvement more often than yearly. Since a change is coming, make it worth an owner's time and money. Add enhancing the lighting as part of the strategy. These are more than a few motives to justify an upgrade in this direction.

What are some major reasons to change the lighting

Time spent in this room

Consider the fact everyone spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Family members as well as guests are in and out. This means the scrutiny is sometimes a bit more than other areas. Also, flaws stand out when details are examined over and over again. This is not intentionally, but it does occur.

A dark and gloomy place is not where most people want to spend stretches of time. Poor illumination hides more than most folks imagine. How clean is the bathtub? It is possible to have it clean and dirt free, but the appearance is dirty and grimy simply because of the reflection or shadows playing on the space.

Get in the gritty spaces of the shower stall and know for sure this germ filled space is nice and clean at a simple glance by lighting it up the right way. Feel good about using the room for whatever reason no matter how many times a day.

Safety reasons

A germ free zone is a safety situation. For anyone with any sort of immune system compromise this is literally life or death. Great lights reinforce a clean floor, toilet or shower. Whether or not a shower curtain needs to be exchanged for a new one is so much easier when able to do a quick glance.

When sickness spreads through the house like the flu, keeping this area free of germs decreases the likelihood of it jumping from person to person. Anyone in a rush to make it to the basin bowl with a sour tummy is certain to hit the right spot in a rush. Seeing all of the area in need of cleaning after the fact is also a must.

Better illumination is important for work like shaving a face or putting on makeup. Everyone knows getting these two jobs done just right is important to looking and feeling good.


Why spend the time and effort to pick out matching towels and soaps or a cute a wind chime the exact color running through the shower curtain if no one notices it? Poor or little light is a way to make certain these kinds of special and unique touches are missed.

Avoid taking away the chance to show off something nice going on inside of a home. Why put in the effort or spend money on something no one appreciates because it is so dim no one is able to see it.

When selling a home three out of every four women admit the bathroom and the kitchen are able to make or break a sale.The little things actually account for something big in these cases.

Double check personal appearance

This is usually where we see ourselves first thing in the morning and the last place at night. The first and last personal impressions are much more positive when this part of the room is right. By changing the bathroom light fixtures a positive spin is put on both times of the day. Looking and feeling better are good mentally and physically.

Additionally, before heading out to the office or school a pit stop means a certainty of a positive appearance is in place. The last bit of shaving cream is off of the face and the shirt is minus any toothpaste drips. Dark and dim makes a simple last peek before going out the door a needless struggle.


Ever tried using this room in complete darkness or a dimness where eyes are simply not capable of adjusting? A late night call of nature turns ugly pretty fast with a badly stubbed toe or worse. This is where more accidents and even deaths occur compared to the rest of the house.

Older eyes need more for seeing the same thing younger eyes do without the same struggle. A nasty fall for some persons means a broken hip and months in the hospital or rehab. Proper lighting for safety reasons is never something to skimp on.

What choices are in the marketplace?

Technology and innovation have both certainly contributed to making some changes in the last several decades when it comes to this small space. Expand the education around these to make an informed decision for any changes.

Surfing the web gives millions of options at the fingertips. Whether looking through a brick and mortar building's website or one specifically designed for internet sales, the options are almost limitless.

Explanations and details describing what works best and why are typically discovered around the same resources.

Use something other than what's found at mom and dad's house

Lots of people tend to simply use what was familiar as a kid. All grown up means getting something not only different, but upgraded. Remember the old school style as the single bulb above a bathroom mirror? It is now time to get rid of it.

Believe it or not, this is frequently the most unflattering type of lighting source when using the mirror to check out appearance. These are four different types of lighting source that make your bathroom a nicer place to be.

Ambient lighting

A more flattering source of light than what most adults remember growing up with is ambient lighting. It has the appearance of a soft bounce of light off of the ceiling. This actually relaxes and softens the shadows seen in the bathroom and easily make any person's face appear 10 years younger than the older seemingly ancient lighting.

Bathrooms without a great or ideal lighting source, which is lots of natural light, benefit best from ambient lighting. Spaces minus windows or overhead lights generally do well with ambient.

Task lighting

Lighting capable of meeting nearly any task put to it is task lighting. This is great for shaving and putting on makeup. Teenage traffic really gets the most out it. The newbie shaver surely appreciates it. Inexperienced users tinkering with the curling iron or the new make up wearer seem to really need as well as enjoy it.

The best is a dual light fixture lining the sink and is affixed to the wall. Task lighting is able to combine with another light sources in the event it is too overbearing. Smaller areas are easily overrun with too much of it. Extremely large bathrooms needs to occupy a small area and then put in other types which work well to compliment each other.

Accent lighting

This kind of illumination is an ingenious resource able to put dimension into this space. Accent lighting sources give off a feeling of increased measurement to an aspect. Whether it is the height or the width or even closet space is determined by the installation.

Decide on what design features would do better with a change and install. Expect changes to placement, size and brightness. These are the most used tools and are all factors for change. One of the best compliments with accent lighting seems to be statues or art. Both of these are characteristic of extremely large areas of space to be used.

Decorative lighting

These are lights for dressing up a bath that lacks a little drama or adding a design feature to bring together different decors within a bathroom. Often decorative lighting is added when you feel something is missing from bath that needs a touch of luxury. Adding decorative lighting can take a humdrum bath and move it past ordinary to extraordinary.

Some final thoughts on the matter

These are different lighting design ideas that can make the difference in an important room in every house. If any one lucky enough to have more than one bathroom consider another resource for lighting in various bathrooms. The correct one or combination is determined generally by the mood a designer is trying to achieve.

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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great tips thanks! I like how you broke down the different types of lighting.

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

      thank you for the comment auntie d. lighting makes a difference in nearly any room of the house. we hardly consider it in our bathrooms, but we really should.

    • Auntie D profile image

      Auntie D 6 years ago from California

      Nicely written and informative with a clean design. Vote up.