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Libbey Cancun Margarita

Updated on February 28, 2016

I received the, "Libbey Cancun Margarita

I received the, "Libbey Cancun Margarita 7-Piece Glassware Set," in a well packaged box that was undamaged. It came right to my front door. I immediately took it inside and opened it up. Upon opening the box I noticed that the glassware was in their own separate packaging. They were brand new and had never been opened. I opened it up and took it to my wife. She loved the look of them an thought that they would do the job at the upcoming party! Seeing how happy this glassware made my wife feel it was like I had just won an award! And that is a huge bonus! Thanks for making such a great product! I would recommend this to all my friends and family members! A+++++ product from an A+++++ Seller. I received this product from the seller in exchange for a fair and honest review of their product and at a discounted

A nice set

Libbey Cancun Margarita 7-Piece Glassware Set is a nice set. I got it at a great price. The glasses are great. The pitcher however I am not pleased with as it has a huge seam down it that is bulky and an eye sore. Meaning the price I got it for it still is a great set!


Better quality than I expected

it comes with 6 glasses instead of 4! Is better quality than I expected and made out of thick glass. The pitcher is big enough that all 6 of us got 3 glasses out of it. The glasses are perfect size for me I don't like the jumbo ones, but they aren't tiny either. I got this at a discounted price for an honest review, but after seeing mine both my sisters ordered one at the still pretty awesome price.


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The glasses are of the usual Libbey thickness

I just want something that is a matching set

Love this set. The glasses are of the usual Libbey thickness. I know that with glassware some prefer a more fragile quality; however for me, I just want something that is a matching set and will last.

This fit the bill, and at this price point, I won' t be deviated if a glass gets broken!

Love margarita set!!!

Love margarita set!!! The glass is a lot thicker than I expected and am so happy with the quality. The pitcher is actually quite bigger than i expected it to be and can hold roughly 12 drinks in the pitcher and refill each glass once.

This margarita set is PERFECT for a pool party and entertaining guest. We used this for a BBQ we had with a few gfriends and everyone loved the set and was so surprised to learn the whole set only cost $12.22!! This was a wonderful investment and i would happily recommend this set.


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