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Life Hacks to Try

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Sandy loves information, research, and teaching. She believes learning new information is like an adventure—and sharing it is even better!


Hacks . . . Tried and True.

  1. Exploding soda can? To prevent spewing, slowly open the tab allowing built gas to escape. When hissing stops it is safe to pull tab completely. This works with full-sized soda bottles or anything containing carbonation.
  2. Plagued by flies? No matter how quick you may have tried, it's hard to smack 'em with a swatter. Build a fly trap instead! Take a one-liter bottle of soda and cut in half – (yummy fluids enjoyed first.) You don’t have to wash the bottle, as the sweet soda is the attraction. You can also put some soda in the bottom, or overripe fruit, anything that will attract the fly. Turn the top of the bottle upside down with the opening pointing down. This allows flies to crawl in but they are not smart enough to crawl out. Bye, bye fly.
  3. Speaking of flies, fruit and vegetables that are recommended to be left out on the counter tend to attract fruit flies. Take a cup, glass jar, or any container and fill half way with apple cider vinegar. They love this stuff but it drowns them. Flies go in but never come out.
  4. Spiders. No one seems to like those eight-legged, sneak-up-on-you-by-surprise creatures. To surprise them back, spray with hairspray. They try to run away only to dry up and stiffen in the process. Squash!
  5. Did you know that most athletic shoes can be tossed in the washer and dryer for cleaning? Yup! (Although the noise of them in the dryer can be annoying.) And for stubborn marks, use a Mr. Clean scrubbing sponge or old toothbrush with any ole' soap and voila! Clean as a bean again.
  6. Don’t know if those AAA, AA, or any battery is dead? Drop it from about a height of 6 inches. If it bounces one small bounce and rolls it’s still good. If bounces and bounces no can do. It’s a dud!
  7. Use a straw to remove strawberry stems. Just poke it up through the bottom of the berry and it will lift the stem right off.
  8. Put a rubber band across the bottom of a paint can and up over the open part to use to scrape off excess paint from a brush allowing it to flow back into the can. Much less drippy drop mess.
  9. Use a curling iron to do a quick iron job on shirt collars, cuffs, or just about any part of a piece of clothing.
  10. Put a bunch of water-logged sponges into plastic sandwich bags and freeze. Now you have instant cold packs available and as they melt the water will be caught inside the baggie. Also, mix some rubbing alcohol into the water and this will keep the water from freezing completely making the pad more bendable.

Wait! There's More

11. Use a bread tab or paper clip to hold open the starting point of a roll of packing or duck tape.

12. Use toothpaste to clean jewelry, car headlights, smudges on a painted wall, or even as make due spackle for small holes in the wall.

13. To get crumbs and dust out of your computer’s keyboard take a soft basting brush and work between keys removing all debris. No more need to buy air-in-a can. Plus, the brush can easily be found at a dollar store. Cheap option!

14. Put ChapStick over a paper cut for instant sting relief and quicker healing.

15. Use WD-40 to remove sap off your car’s paint or marks on a painted wall.

16. White glue like Elmer’s can help to remove those fine splinters from skin. Put a generous amount on the area and allow to dry. Then peel off, splinters included.

17. A can of shortening can be used for a quick emergency candle. Simply push a piece of string down the center and light up. Transfer shortening into several fireproof containers for producing several candles. They last a while, as well. Don't forget to grab the marshmallows and spaghetti sticks for a roasting feast.

18. Grab some Vicks Vapor Rub to help bruises heal faster. Eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol -- active ingredients -- help with pain and dilate blood vessels for faster healing.

19. Use hair conditioner if you run out of shaving cream. Works the same to soften skin and allows for a smooth shave nick-free.

20. Dab some antiseptic mouthwash onto a cut, abrasion or zits to prevent infection. (Even relieves poison ivy rashes.)

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Life is better with hacks!
Life is better with hacks! | Source

Good Reads

Who would have thought it! There's actually a book devoted to life hacks. Not only is there a website, but an actual book. I love hacks. There truly is always a quicker, better, easier way to do something and since time is not always my friend, I rely heavily on hacks.

Life Hacks: 1000+ Collection of Amazing Life Hacks was an amazing find for me. Ravi Jain made it fun and worth my time. Additionally, this is one of those books you can toss up in the air, let it fall open and learn something different each time. How great is that?


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    • gotinfo profile image

      Sandy Carlson 5 months ago from Southern California

      Thank you for your comment. Where I live in Southern Calif we are still having warm weather thus still with plenty of spiders coming in the house. Did not know about the effect of conkers. Am so going to try that. Have 2 cats but tbey are not chasing em' 8 legged creatures. Lol!

    • cmiller0161 profile image

      Claire Miller 5 months ago

      Great hub! I find a few taps on the top of a soda can helps to prevent an eruption.

      Also, spiders detest conkers! So guess who has conkers in every corner of the house!