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Lift Top Coffee Table - How to Buy A Lift Top Coffee Table

Updated on January 9, 2011

Learn what you need to know to buy the best lift top coffee table at the best price. While the coffee table has become a ubiquitous piece of furniture in the modern household, the most versatile version of all modern coffee tables is still somewhat rare: the lift top coffee table. These days you'll find lift top coffee tables with a wide variety of features and functions.

Coffee tables -- or cocktail tables as some refer to them -- are usually low and long tables placed before a couch, sofa or set of comfortable chairs in your living room or family room. It most often functions to hold beverages (hot and cold) as well as magazines, books and plants.

However, the lift top coffee table or lift top cocktail table extends this basic role into much more. Lift top coffee tables provide additional storage and functionality, making the most of your limited space.

The Brookstone Lift Top Coffee Table
The Brookstone Lift Top Coffee Table
Corner Lift Top Coffee Table
Corner Lift Top Coffee Table

Only twenty years ago, having a lift top coffee table could be a bit tacky as it tended to be more function over form. However, today you will find lift top coffee tables in all manner of sizes and styles, from hyper-modern glass lift top coffee tables to ornate Victorian lift top coffee tables and everything in between, from a oak lift top coffee table to mission lift top coffee tables.

Another improved versatility in this area is that many manufacturers now provide you the ability to special order your ideal lift top coffee table. Have a funky color theme in your family room? No worries -- just special order the right color and texture to match the room the way you want.

The hardware on lift top coffee tables has also improved, making them more durable for everyday use. A small cottage industry seems to have sprouted up around lift top coffee table hardware, so fixing or replacing parts shouldn't be difficult.

A Mission Lift Top Coffee Table
A Mission Lift Top Coffee Table

The Versatility of the Lift Top Coffee Table

When looking for function and form, you need look no further than a lift top coffee table. It allows you to eat at your coffee table without reaching too far or lurching over the table.

It makes working with your laptop a breeze as it enables you to lift and position the surface top for maximum ergonomic comfort and function. You no longer need to suffer cramped hands or an over-warm lap to use your notebook computer while watching TV.

And even your children will make the most of your new lift top coffee table, storing board games and taking care of their homework in a comfortable and functional environment. With a lift top, your kids will no longer need to sit on the floor to do homework or play on the surface of the coffee table.

The great thing about that is that you can keep your kids closer and make it easier to watch them when they're supposed to be doing their homework.

Lift Top Coffee Table Versatility
Lift Top Coffee Table Versatility

Shopping For Your Lift Top Coffee Table

From storing CDs and DVDs to exhibiting your magazine and book collection, the lift top coffee table is ready to fulfill your needs. So which one will be perfect for you?

After some investigation, you'll find coffee tables with lift tops featuring tops with stone, marble, wood, glass and blends of different textures and materials.

You'll find kidney bean shaped lift top coffee tables, angled lift top coffee tables and traditional shapes and sizes for flexibility. Be sure to look around online because you'll likely find more styles and functions than you initially thought.

Be sure to consult a quality coffee table guide before investing your money, but don't hesitate to get what you really want. This is, after all, a piece of furniture that will sit at the center of your life.

I suggest buying from Amazon when you can as they provide free shipping, a great return policy and some very competitive prices.

Hey Ma! Look at My New Lift Top Coffee Table

You no longer have to choose between form and function. Now you can combine the two in any room of your house with a versatile and stylish lift top coffee table.


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