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Light Decoration Trends for Holiday Season

Updated on November 4, 2014

Time for Starting the Holiday Light Decor

The chill in the air is a clue of the time for the coming Christmas season decoration. Your home, inside and outside needs to reflect the warm glow and inviting atmosphere of the holiday, for the family enjoyment as well as for your visitors. One of the important part of holiday decoration is the holiday lights. Are you starting to think about the Christmas lighting decoration?

Colored LED Lights

LED lighting

LED lights are more and more widely used for almost every special occasions. One of the new features in LED lighting decoration is the use of color changing RGB bulb. The use of color changing decorative lights is partly because of the development of technology and partly because of the need of enriching the lighting decoration. The twinkling white warm lights are timeless, but the multicolored lights can bring a lot of fun to the families, especially to the young children. The color changing LED lights can be changed into various hues. They are initially adopted as substitutes for traditional incandescent holiday lights for commercial decoration, and now has become one of the trend in home decoration. Colorful decorative lights can capture the childhood wonder of the Christmas.

Apps Widely Used for Interactive Decoration

Now there are a lot of Apps for mobile devices. Via some apps, people can send a message to the illuminated Christmas tree or Santa’s house, which will soon be displayed in lights or on a big screen. Some of the apps can even help control the holiday light show specially designed to the tunes of festivals. The apps just bring much fun to the holiday lights and make people interactive in the decoration.

Install Decor Lights Before Thanksgiving

Christmas season seems to be starting earlier each year, especially for the decoration part. Most of the families will do a lot of preparation to get their home dressed up, inside and out, before Thanksgiving. They will turn on the lights on Thanksgiving night to show the beginning of the holiday season. Get the decorative lights in place early to get basked in the inviting glow.

Light Up Indoor Area

Most of the families would love to light up the exterior of the home, placing big Christmas light tree, LED lights on the garden, etc to create holiday atmosphere to the neighborhood. When there are a lot of decorative lights for indoor use, people now start to illuminate the indoor areas, especially the indoor entryway. It is a popular trend to use string lights or LED mini lights to embellish the entry staircase railings, living room area, bedroom, bathroom, etc. The decorative lights inside the home can embrace the whole family with cheerful holiday spirit whenever you are back at home as well as leave an inviting impression on your visitors.

LED Fir SNOW TREE for Snowing Wonderland

Light Up Home for a Longer Holiday Season

Thanksgiving day is around the corner. A lot of Christmas goods are put on the shelves, and regular folks are starting to get prepared for Christmas decoration items, especially the holiday lights. It is actually not too early to buy decorative lights. They are lights for home decor, party decor or holiday decoration. When it becomes cold, more decorative lights indoor or outdoor can make your home warm. The earlier the use of decorative lights, the longer your holiday season seems to last.

For the Thanksgiving day or home decoration, we can use Christmas themed lights, which will still be illuminated during the Christmas season. There are a lot of LED decorative lights that are designed with themes of celebrating special days or diversifying home. Get more lights for specific decoration at home. For example, try to place some LED tree lights in the front yard or garden to overshadow the withered depression outside in the winter. DIY LED mini string lights to light up the bedroom. There are various decorative light choices.


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