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Lighting a Night Club for Halloween

Updated on October 4, 2011

People who frequent nightclubs expect the nightclub lighting to be special and somewhat flashy to go along with the wild beat of the music and their fancy cocktails. Lighting of the dance floor is particularly important but should not overshadow the need to appropriately light the bar, the table area and even the hallways. The lighting should have a consistent design so that patrons will have a lighting experience that is intelligent and well-coordinated.

If your night club lighting is to have a Halloween theme, you could consider using colored orange lights to provide illumination in ways that are visually interesting while at the same time reducing the brightness of ordinary lights. Orange lights that cover architectural elements such as walls, stairs and columns typically evoke a feeling of Halloween. The same colored lights can also be used to highlight the bar area as well as the outside to draw attention to the club. Decorations such as skeletons, ghosts, goblins and sheer webbing fabric can be added to the lights to enhance the Halloween theme.

The dance floor area, in particular, can be the focus of the night club lighting for Halloween. The ceiling is one of the attractions of the dance floor and can be strung with can lights or spot lights mounted on ceiling tracks and pointed down to create eerie stage and dance floor effects. These can be combined with strobe lights to produce that slow motion effect that can be haunting in nature. More drama can be added to the ceiling lights with laser lights that shine as defined beams of lights. Adding a fogger can enhance the spooky experience.

The night club lighting of the dance floor itself also needs to be considered when lighting for Halloween. One low tech and energy efficient option is to use mirror floor patterns. These can create a more classic Halloween atmosphere and can be used playfully as a mirrored fun house. Tinted mirrored floor panels also work well and enable different shades to be interspersed so as to produce a variety of patterns. Mirror floor patterns also will reflect a great of light already in the dance floor area and will keep the dance floor well lit.

Another option for dance floor when considering night club lighting is to use LED lights. These are also known as Light Emitting Diodes and produce bright lights and are energy-efficient. They can be used in floor panels for more traditional effects or in groups of individual lights to create images on the floor. This can be very advantageous in creating Halloween effects such as spooky black cats spinning around under the dancers’ feet. Nothing evokes Halloween more than actually being a part of the Halloween scene.

The Halloween décor can be carried out in other areas of the club. Such as areas as those that transition from the dance floor to the bar area or more private areas of the club can also have the Halloween effect but be more subtle in nature so as to facilitate patrons moving from one part of the nightclub to another. When all areas are taken into consideration, the night club lighting can emit a complete feeling of the Halloween tradition.


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