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Lilac Bedding

Updated on March 16, 2011

Why Use Lilac Bedding in your Bedroom

Are you thinking of decorating your bedroom with a purple color? But are unsure which shade of purple to use? If so than you may want to consider lilac bedding. This color bedding will be a light shade of purple and will look good if you are decorating a nursery or a master bedroom.

There are many reasons to choose the color lilac for bedding. For one it was the color of royalty in ancient Egypt. Another reason is this soft shade of purple will likely relax you and make your prepared for a restful nights sleep.

Lilac bedding comes in many styles and sizes. Some of the more popular bedding sizes include king, queen, single, and extra long. Styles of lilac bedding range from country to modern.

More Options With Lilac Bedding

When choosing lilac bedding there are some items that you will need. For one if your bed needs a bed skirt you will want a bed skirt to match the lilac shade. Colors that match lilac well are yellows and oranges. A comforter, duvet cover or bedspread will be needed for the top of the bed. Lilac sheets will be used to cover the mattress pad. Lilac pillow cases will be used to cover pillows and optionally lilac shams can be used to cover decorative pillows.

As a second option you could purchase what is called a lilac bed in a bag set. In this type of set you will be getting everything you need to have a complete matching bedding set.

In the bag you will normally find pillow cases, a comforter, shams , and sometimes even curtains to be used for window treatments. This reminds me if you do not have matching window treatment it is something to consider as matching window curtains really pulls a room together.

Lilac bedding can be found for sale at most home stores that carry bedding. If you cannot find what you like in store online shopping is always and option. Just be sure to check the stores return policy in case you need to make a return or exchange.

Two great places to shop online are and also eBay for lilac bedding.

Lilac Bedding
Lilac Bedding

Lilac bedding comes in many styles and color shades. If you are looking to obtain a French country look in your bedroom then you may want to consider lilac toile bedding. If you are decorating a nursery there is plenty of lilac crib bedding sets that you can choose from. Also if you are lazy like me and want to buy all your bedding together consider the purchase of a lavender bed in a bag set.


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