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Refresh Your Bedroom with a Lime Green Duvet Cover

Updated on March 21, 2011

How a Lime Green Duvet Cover Can Brighten Your Day

A lime green duvet cover can not only brighten your day each morning, but it can also help you to relax at bedtime. Too often people think of a lime green duvet cover as being too bright and outrageous, but that fact is, there are a variety of elegantly designed lime green duvets out there to choose from.

While there are very bright lime green duvet cover options, there are also a lot of subdued shades of lime green that are perfect for relaxing. There are also plenty of lime green duvet covers that are not only lime green, but rather a variety of other colors with lime green being the accent color to enhance the pattern or stripe.

Decorating With Your Lime Green Duvet Cover

Many people think that because they have a lime green duvet cover, they can't decorate with any other color but shades of lime green. This is completely wrong because there are many colors that go well with lime green.

If you're worried about your wall color, then don't. If you're afraid of too much color, then try a taupe or light beige. If you're not into too much color going on, then opt for varying shades of green on the walls and for accent colors. A monotoned theme can be very soothing to the eyes and mind/

For more colorful bedroom options with your lime green duvet cover, opt for a blue-green or true green in the room. If you feel like being bold with your bedroom decor, then go for a red-violet, red, or violet. Varying shades of any of these colors can really make a statement in your room. And it will also make you look like you have the skill of an interior designer.

You can purchase lime green duvet covers online at and also at the world's largest auction site eBay.


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