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Lipper International Child's Desk With Chalkboard Top & Chair Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“This desk was easy to assemble. I put it together within half an hour. It doesn’t look cheap at all and our 4 yr old really loves working there.”

“Our 6 yr old uses this desk everyday to do his homework. There is plenty of room to put his books, pens, and paper. A very good value for the money.”

“Construction of the desk is very sturdy. It looks very attractive and blends in with our home décor.”

"I bought this on Amazon and they had the cheapest price."

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Are you looking for a table where your child can do work and be creative? If that’s the case, then you need to buy the Lipper International Child's Desk With Chalkboard Top & Chair. You might be thinking to yourself that the coffee table or the dining table are just as good for your kid to do his work on. But the Lipper International Child’s Desk allows your child to have his/her own privacy. It would be their own personal space. There are so many things your child could do that the desk. He could draw, do homework, or solve a puzzle.

The Lipper International Child's Desk With Chalkboard Top & Chair has plenty of storage right under the surface of the desk. Just pop the surface open and put all the kid’s essentials like, paper, pen, pencils, books in there. A recessed area below the top of the surface keeps your child from accidently slamming the surface on his fingers. This product also comes with a chalkboard. It’s good for drawing or writing up ideas. The table can also be used as a small dining table for your kid. While he’s working hard there, he can also eat his lunch there as well. This desk is solid and well put together. For the price it’s a must buy.


  • Under top storage
  • Pecan finish
  • Child-safe finish
  • Toddler to school age


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