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Little Accessories That Make Your Home Pop

Updated on May 24, 2011

Accessories Make A Difference

The littlest things can help to make your home more beautiful, even things that are relatively inexpensive. Small things like vases, flowers, lamps, mirrors, clocks, or rugs can help to make a room look amazing. An accessory can be something that stands out as a real focal point in the room or something that blends in. The trick is to choose accessories that fit the style of your room.  Many people have collected so many possessions over the years that they feel the need to display them all.  However, it's kind of like the old adage about getting dressed and then taking one thing off.  You don't want to overaccessorize a room, particularly with so many personal possessions that it feels overwhelming.


Flowers With Vases to Match

Flowers can give your house a homey feeling or make it look elegant, depending on the type of flowers you choose. They stand out especially when they have a nice vase to go along with them. You should probably pick out your flowers first, and then go on the hunt for the perfect vase! Some good matching pairs are classic, white tulips in a modern, sleek, silver vase or sunflowers in a tall, square clear glass vase or even a jar, it's very shabby-chic and goes along with most traditional furniture. Another great match is some tropical flowers in a rectangular, brown wooden vase. They match most contemporary furniture themes.

Clocks Look Outstanding On Your Wall And Tell You The Time

Clocks are another great accessory to put in your home. Not only are they useful since they tell you the time, but they provide a great vintage look in any room no matter what kind of clock it is! There's the classic look with Roman Numerals, usually bronze or gold. There's also the shabby-chic clock that can come in any color, has that used, homey look to it and works with most rooms.  Clocks can become focal points on a wall, particularly oversized ones or those that have no actual frame, but are merely hands on the wall with markings for 12, 3, 6, and 9 only.  


Mirrors: They Add Class To Any Room and You can Get Them Really Cheap Too!

Mirrors can look rustic, chic, modern, shabby, and a mix of all of them. The theme of the room should decide what kind of mirror to use. Mirrors also make the room look bigger, especially if you put them across from a window. Lots of stores carry mirrors which won't break your budget; even stores like Wal-mart have some beautiful mirrors at good prices. You can also group lots of smaller mirrors together to make a very exciting focal point. Just be sure their frames are similar or in the same color family or they will come out looking very random, instead of the collection you wish them to be.  You can also use them in place of paintings or pictures, but if they are going to take the place of art, always make sure you use ones with interesting or unique frames!

Lamps: Shine a Little Light On Your Home Furnishings

There are floor lamps, accent lamps, natural sunlight lamps, table lamps, decorative lamps,  reading lamps, and many more! You can use all of these in your home, and they look great. But again, you always need to make sure your lamp go along with the paint, furniture, and other accessories that might be in the room. A good substitute for lamps, if you're choosing to go a little greener, might be candles instead. Candles are great sources of light and look nice in almost any atmosphere. When you use candles in your room, it almost always seems to make the room feel more comfortable. however, when you put candles and plants together, always make sure that they aren't too close together, particularly if they are artificial plants, that could cause a fire! Even though fire is a source of light, its probably not the kind of light with which you were wanting to decorate your room.

The Rug Completes The Room

There are oriental rugs , throw rugs, wall to wall rugs, rag rugs, and even outdoor rugs. Rugs give a cozy, homey feel to the room. Most rugs are purchased to coordinate with the room, but they can stand out, too! Outdoor rugs are made to not get damaged by rain or snow. You can put them by pools, patios, and decks. They look great underneath a patio table and chairs.  The only thing not so nice about outdoor rugs is they don't always feel very pleasant underfoot, because of the fabric that is used to make them waterproof, so underneath your furniture is best. 

Its All About the Accessories

Finally, accessories truly are what makes a house a home. Just make sure not to go overboard with all the accessories or your house will end up looking more like a museum instead of a home. If you feel that you cannot let go of some precious possessions, why not rotate accessories in and out? That way, you can hold on to things that are special to you and keep your home looking great!


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