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5 of the Easiest to do DIY Home Improvement Upgrades

Updated on June 5, 2014
Modern, attractive, and affordable living room with two-toned paint and matching light fixtures.
Modern, attractive, and affordable living room with two-toned paint and matching light fixtures.

With the economy in an uneasy idle, many homeowners spend time dreaming about making decorative or functional changes to their homes, but wonder whether or not moving cash out of their savings accounts and investing it into their homes makes sense. The answer is that it is always a great time to make home improvements, which increase the value of your home, and enhance your enjoyment of your house. Why not try one of the following cheap and easy home improvement projects?

Simple fixes can make a big difference.
Simple fixes can make a big difference. | Source

1. Small Fixes

While it may not seem like a true “home improvement project,” spending a day making small fixes and adjustments in your home is key to keeping your home maintained. Small problems like a leaky pipe underneath a sink can cascade into much larger issues (think mold and mildew), while other problems—even just aesthetic ones—combine to degrade the overall value of your home. Details matter, so a Saturday afternoon spent replacing broken electrical outlet plates, hammering in door hinges and adjusting sagging blinds will actually make your home look and feel newer, with little more expenditure than some free time.

Home improvement stores carry a wide range of DIY storage space units.
Home improvement stores carry a wide range of DIY storage space units. | Source

2. Add Storage Space

Even in the largest of homes, storage is considered a premium luxury, because having a place to tuck away our treasured belongings makes our home more organized, and our lives feel less harried. Short of knocking out a wall or roughing in a new closet, you may be wondering how you can add storage without calling in a contractor. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can increase home storage in just one afternoon. One option is shelving: brackets and shelves can be purchased cheaply, and with a hammer, some nails and a level, shelves can be installed in a cubby, a closet, over a desk, or under a counter easily. Hang-ready cabinets (such as those made for use in bathrooms) are another easy option, and they can be used throughout the home.

A new kitchen sink is an inexpensive way to make a kitchen look elegant.
A new kitchen sink is an inexpensive way to make a kitchen look elegant. | Source

3. Change Out Faucets

Upgrading or changing out your kitchen or sink faucet is easier than you may think, and can make a dramatic change in the look of a room. Faucets are generally available at home improvement stores, and are created to fit along with the apertures already in your sink. You can choose from a wide variety of faucets with varying heights, finishes, accessories (like recoiling spray), and knobs. The faucets are easily installed with the help of a few basic tools, as shown in this helpful tutorial from Easy Home Improvements. An easy and effective way to modernize or change the look of any kitchen or bath!

New kitchen cabinet door and drawer handles are available in hundreds of styles.
New kitchen cabinet door and drawer handles are available in hundreds of styles. | Source

4. Replace Hardware in the Kitchen

While your home may have come with beautiful, custom-built cabinets, not everyone is so lucky. Even for those who love the style and finish of their cabinets, a periodic change may be in order. Instead of focusing on the thousands of dollars or countless hours it would take to replace or repaint the cabinets, why not think smaller, but equally as effective: pull-knobs and hardware! Home improvement stores offer aisles of different pull-knobs and hardware options, which can range from cents to dollars in cost per item. You can spend an afternoon swapping the new hardware onto your drawers and cabinets, then sit back and enjoy your renovated kitchen!

Light fixtures can add a modern look to an older home or an antique look to a new home.
Light fixtures can add a modern look to an older home or an antique look to a new home. | Source

5. Finally, consider making changes to one of the most fundamental but overlooked parts of your home décor: lighting. Nothing says outdated like a tarnished brass fixture, a fifties-style half-dome, or a heavy 1970's wrought-iron fixture. Modern, stylish light fixtures can be bought at most any home improvement store, or at specialty lighting stores (the latter of which offer a broader selection). On a similar note, antique look and rusted fixtures can make a new home appear aged.This video from a major home improvement store shows how easy it is to update a light fixture, without having to go through the expense of calling an electrician or handyman to do the installation for you.

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    • Kimberley Lane profile image

      Kimberley Lane 

      6 years ago from N.W.Pacific Coast, USA

      Nice and concise, full of good information.. Great hub! Thumbs up!


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