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Living Room Furniture Ideas

Updated on August 9, 2012
Modern living room furniture display
Modern living room furniture display

Have you ever been in a living room that just feels right? One that looks just like a page out of a design magazine? Have you ever wondered how they get those rooms to look like they do in those design magazines?

The average living room certainly doesn't resemble one of those beauties, but it could. It's really not very hard if you just learn some of the secrets interior designers use to arrange furniture and how to make rooms of any size and shape beautiful and functional.

Following those simple guidelines will make a huge difference in how your own rooms look and function too. Another thing that makes those rooms look the way they do is style, color and texture. Find out what the newest trends are for living rooms--new fabrics, today's colors and styles for the best dressed living rooms.

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Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Furniture: What's Hot in 2012?

Has your living room furniture seen better days? Does your derriere hit the floor when you sit on the middle cushion? Or is it about as comfortable as a sack of hay? Or maybe you're buying living room furniture for the first time?

Perhaps it's time to start shopping for some new furniture. But what kind? What style? Traditional? Contemporary? Outdoor furniture ( What color? What’s in and what’s out?

Well, the fact is the style of furniture you need depends a great deal on the style of home you have. If it's a Victorian, for instance, Contemporary style furniture isn't going to look at home. So keep to your home-style. If you really have no idea, play it safe with a Traditional style since it will look fine with just about any style home.

So, what is in for 2012 and beyond?

Coastal Style Living Room

Even if you live far from the coast and it's an hour's drive to the nearest lake, coastal is where it's at in furniture styles. The coastal style is relatively new but it's based a great deal on cottage which has been around for quite a while.

Coastal is casual and comfortable, colorful and inspired by sea and sand. This style of furniture is all about relaxation and it makes you feel like summer vacation just to look at it. The beach inspired colors, themselves, are relaxing--sandy beiges, white, ocean blues and greens, the pink, peach, and pale yellow hues of sea shells and the plumy mauves of a tropical sunset.

The wood furniture is also these colors and usually at least slightly distressed. Upholstery is mainly solid or stripes. Wicker is also quite popular and it isn't just for the porch any longer. Bamboo is also an indoor material today.

Many of the white upholstered furniture pieces are made with fitted washable slipcovers that will withstand the average family. When someone spills something just take it off and throw it in the wash machine. This saves a small fortune in furniture cleaning costs. It also gives you the option of using different color slipcovers for different seasons. During the summer you can use cool white and "off season" you can switch to a cover in sand or blue for example.

With the white or pale furniture colors of coastal furniture come strong wall color--coral, turquoise, deep rose, even deep plum. If you choose furniture colors in strong colors paint the walls in pale hues. Or even better white beadboard.

Classy coastal style living room.
Classy coastal style living room.

Sectional Sofas

What ever style you prefer, sectional sofas are all the rage and are expected to stay around for a long time. They have, in fate, been around for a long time but their popularity waned for a few decades.

Today's sectionals, as often as not, have a chaise lounge on one and sometimes even both, ends. They are available charmingly slip-covered in the cottage or coastal style, beautifully attired in brocade or silk for a formal living room, velvety super suede for anything from traditional to contemporary and the softest glove leather for more modern rooms.

Color trends are white, creams, and earthy browns, beiges, sage green, and red. Prints include casual plaid, gingham checks and solids. Loose sectionals can be arranged in many ways.

Sometimes sectional sections are separated by lamp tables. And some sectional sofas are very large U-shapes rather than the usually L-shaped. These U-shaped sofas can wrap around a coffee table and form it's own conversational grouping. Place it in front of the room's focal point whether that is a fireplace or television.

Sectional sofas work very well when paired with area rugs, see this site for a sneak peak!

Beige sectional sofa
Beige sectional sofa

Microfiber Furniture

Microfiber is the biggest breakthrough in indoor furniture in ages (literally). To families with children and/or pets it's hailed as genius. Beautiful to look at and luxurious to the touch, it cleans with nothing more than a damp cloth and a little dish-washing detergent (not dishwasher detergent) and water.

It even laughs at pet stains and wears like iron, shrugging off even the most hyper toddler or family of man-children. It's available in all styles and types of sofas, arm chairs and recliner chairs.

Now, if they could just upholster the rest of the house in microfiber...every woman's dream come true.

Grey microfiber 3-seater sofa.
Grey microfiber 3-seater sofa.

English Country Style Living Room

English Country is becoming the new old world room style. More formal than American Country and less rustic than French Country this fast growing country style features beamed ceilings, intricate wood details in rich luxurious wood finishes and huge stone fireplaces.

It blends seamlessly with Tudor, Traditional, European and some cottage style homes. Furniture is traditional and Old World, fabrics are small florals, brocades, and solid velvets. Wood furniture is Old World in rich cherry and mahogany.

English country living room design.
English country living room design.


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    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Wonderful decorating ideas! We are in the process of adding a large room which will be my living room. My current living room will be a dining room. I love using real wood and stone. I also love woven materials like you have in your coastal style picture. I will be checking out your web-site very soon! Voted this up and useful. Welcome to HubPages!