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Give life to your Outdoors

Updated on March 10, 2016
Lounge chair with Outdoor throw pillow
Lounge chair with Outdoor throw pillow | Source


Outdoor spaces are often for relaxing in, only the most hyperactive gardeners would disagree with this idea. If you have an access to a balcony, terrace or a garden, it is likely that a part of it or the entire part is already set aside for enjoying food and sitting in - even if the weather allows for such activities for only one or two months of the year. If there are children at home, maybe that space is used primarily as an outdoor play area.

Outdoor Patio
Outdoor Patio | Source

Spots to Enjoy Outdoors

The best spot to sit outdoors are those that get the sun, and are sheltered from the wind. In hot countries or at hottest times in more temperate climates, dappled light or shade is also welcomed. Furnishings that are required outdoors are like something to sit on (a chair or floor cushions), covered in robust canvas or cotton, growing plants-preferably set at a variety of heights so that they seem to envelop you with their color and fragrance.

Patio Furniture | Handcrafted Outdoor Wicker Daybed
Patio Furniture | Handcrafted Outdoor Wicker Daybed | Source

Outdoor Living Ideas

A veranda or a patio with a retractable awning, near the house is ideal. Outdoor spaces above the ground level such as balconies and roof terrace can feel very exposed, but this is easily put right by enclosing them with trellis panels.

If the sunniest spots are away from your home, you can easily site your living area there. You can create a sense of enclosure by adding a low wall of raised flower beds planted with aromatic herbs, or with a windbreak.

When the sun is beating down on your neck, eating outdoors is not a good idea, but the magic can be reintroduced by shading the furniture in some way. It is unlikely to treat the furniture as a central point, unless your garden is very bare. It is advisable to choose designs which are made from wood which with a warm grey tone or dark blue and green colors, as these tones are better with foliage.

Gravel Beach in the Garden
Gravel Beach in the Garden | Source

For Children

Outdoor space for children is somewhere to let rip. Thus, a garden or patio should be designed for boisterous activity and messy play. You can try having pavements around a small area for children to ride bicycles or play ball games. Hard surfaces are also best for sandpits, as the sand escaped can be swept up easily. If you own a large garden, a grassed area is safest for setting climbing frames or a swing.


Light your garden with lanterns, candles and flares, avoiding unnecessary electricity. It saves electricity yet keeping it attractive.


Lighting Outdoors

* Lighting large areas of garden sometimes appears like a prison yard. Thus, you can use outdoor lights to highlight features such as trees, water pools and seats. You can do this easily with spike-mounted detachable spotlights.

* Background illumination on terrace or patio can be created by wall lights. Here, you can opt for bulkhead fittings, which shield the bulb with an opaque diffuser as it’s useful and create fewer glares.

* Make the entrance of your home, more welcoming and secure by using outdoor lights.

* Remember, outdoor lights should be corrosion-resistant and watertight, and if you are planning to site them away from the house, cables should be well buried.

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