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Locker decorations for Non Magnetic lockers

Updated on September 20, 2013

What? You are going to miss out on decorating your locker because your school has non magnetic lockers? Don't fret there are ways around this. You can still have a pretty locker probably at half the price. Here are few ideas about decoratiing your non magnetic locker this school year.

Size it up!

The First thing you want to do is look at the size of your locker. Will there be room for shelves? Do you want shelves? There are several options that do not involve magnets. You can place an adjustable shelf in the locker with rubber stops to hold it in place. You can also purchase a free standing wire shelf. The legs are adjustable so you can control the height of your shelf space. But don't put the shelf in there yet! you will have to decorate the walls of the locker.

Decorate the walls!

There are fun and inexpensive ways to decorate your interior of your locker. Might I suggest that you take a look at any rules about lockers before accessorizing! Some schools, for example, may not like the idea of using tape in a locker.

My first suggestion for decorating your locker walls is the use of scrapbooking paper! Scrapbooking paper is inexpensive so can change your look often! Also some scrapbooking paper might come in the exact size of the locker wall! If you go to your local craft store you can purchase a book of scrapbooking paper. The books of paper usually come in larger sizes. You will also find individual sheets available as well!

Non magnetic lockers

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Now you can sticker it up!

Now that you have your locker walls covered you can sticker it up! Use your favorite stickers to create something uniquely yours! You can purchase a wide variety of stickers even of your favorite celebrities. Imagine making a a collage including a picture of you with stickers of your favorite TV personalities! Or use stickers to make a scene that can be taped up in your locker.

Tape, putty or Duct tape??

To adhere the paper to your locker wall you can use plain scotch tape ( if the rules apply) or a simple putty made for sticking things on the wall. There is a great new trend out where teens are making anything and everything out of Duct tape. Duct tape comes in all colors and patterns. No doubt you could find some way to accessorize your locker with this!

Locker Rugs

Yes they make locker rugs in all colors. I have seen several shag type rugs used to cover the locker floors. I may suggest that the rug be used on the bottom of the top shelf if at all. Putting it at the very bottom of your locker would be self defeating because you could not see it.

Locker rugs

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Locker chandeliers are not a very easy product to put up in your non magnetic locker. In fact i would not reccomend you put one of these up at all unless your locker is metal. True you can try to hang it on a command strip but it still may fall and break. now if you must have a chandeleier you can use this paper one I found! It can be hung on a command strip hook or most likely hung by string and duct tape. It comes in black or pink! and no.. it does not light up!

Mirror Mirror on the locker wall

Hanging a mirror on a non magnetic locker wall is not so tough! ( when you find the right mirror!) this mirror may look plain but it will do the trick. Hang it from a command strip hook. If you are not so pleased with the plain look of this mirror then dress it up a little! I was just bragging about how many uses the colored duct tape has a few paragraphs ago. Accent this mirror by taping the edges with pink cameo duct tape or poka dots.. what ever you like! It will look as good as the other mirrors for magnetic lockers!

The above word bubbles are done with magnets. However these are east to cut out and easy to stick on with putty. They can be easily removed and placed on other pictures. Also use construction paper and pens to make really neat frames for your pics!

Tips on ways to hang with out using tape

If you are not allowed to use tape consder using a sticky putty.

Use adhesive hooks. Consider using putty as the adhesive if school rules do not allow it.

Use giant post it notes. The adhesive on this should not pose a problem with school rules. You can get a lot of variety in size and color of post it notes. Make a cool design with them.

I hope that you found these ideas helpful! If you have experiences with decorating your non magnetic locker please share with us in the comments below!


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    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      5 years ago from south Florida

      With all these great innovative decorating ideas, Ms. C, I plan to run out and buy myself a locker to decorate. It's much easier now with duct tape available in a range of bright colors. Thanks for the tips.


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