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Locking Rural Mailbox

Updated on January 10, 2011

It is time for yet another hub—this time a sort of product showcase and recommendation style hub about keeping your data and documents safe. Locking rural mailboxes are important for those with curbside mailbox home setups. The products featured here have survived the most abusive atmospheres—by rude neighbors, identity thieves, and even frat boys. Feel free to read on and start having some peace of mind.

Now, I do not want to sound very product specific here, but a locking rural mailbox is simply a home-use mailbox with an owner-only access feature. The title is the most sensible description for such, hence what people normally search for when in the market for one.

A more advanced locking rural mailbox
A more advanced locking rural mailbox

Importance of a locking rural mailbox

First, a short read on what some of you might already know, but still worth mentioning and stressing on. Of course the far more important reason people resort to locking mailboxes is to prevent identity theft. If you live in a not-so-friendly neighborhood, your rural mailbox is the most accessible item in your house—at the front most. Once someone decides to snoop around, he or she can easily access pertinent personal information such as bank accounts, credit card information, identification numbers, and even worse, personal checks.

Mailboxes are strategically placed to prevent mailmen and delivery people from accessing the inside your house. However, this is also what makes them very vulnerable. Unless you have a wall that separates the front of the mailbox from the back, your only choice is a lockable mailbox. Product manufacturers know this and they have created some very safe boxes.

Purchasing one for your home is a smart investment. To begin with, these do not really cost much, and are just a tad bit more expensive than regular boxes. However, if you are looking at potential damages in case identity theft happens, these are surely cheap security measures.

In today’s time, when literally almost everything can be done at the comfort of one’s home—pay bills, receive payments and the like—a locking mailbox is a no-brainer.

A fine example of a mailbox approved by the United States Postmaster General
A fine example of a mailbox approved by the United States Postmaster General

Before purchasing; some things you need to know

They may sound like very simple objects, after all, they’re just boxes, but there are some legal requirements. To add to that, I’ve added some more things to consider before you finally go shopping.

First, a mailbox must qualify with the standards set by the Postmaster General. Every country has its laws regarding this so don’t just go buying the first thing that fancies you. A simple search for your country’s regulations on this should save you an unwanted refund trip.

As for features, it would be best to buy one that can resist some forms of vandalism. You can never count out the kids who do mailbox baseball or those that do graffiti. While getting hit by a baseball bat may be harder to prevent, some mailboxes’ outside shells are made from materials where paint and pens have a hard time sticking to. In any case (should they still be vandalized), removing graffiti is as simple as wiping them with standard household cleaning items.

Finally, make sure the locking mechanism is made from tough materials. The standard lock-and-latch is simple, but has stood the test of time. Others have fancier, built-in locks, but the more important things to look at are where the lock attaches and the quality of the metal. Anyway, these are all just common sense decisions so always be on the lookout and prepare to invest for quality.


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