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Locksmith Services and Cost Guide – What Do They Generally Offer and Charge You

Updated on February 7, 2017

What Do They Offer?

Most locksmith services offer 24/7 emergency services which is good because they will always be there right at your doorstep and can give instant services that will provide you with your needs. Locksmith services are always ready in assisting you and they can absolutely help you solve complex or easy locksmith problems.

Some of Locksmith providers in the market today offer the following services:

1) Lock 0ut Services – Doors and Locks Opening

The main role of locksmith services is to help you out if you are locked out in any situation, whether you forgot or misplaced your keys. If you got into a spot where you have lost your front or back door key, the main solution is just easy. These services can help you gain entry to your property. They will change the lock for security prevention so that old keys can’t be reused anymore.

2) Lock Changes

Locksmith services upgrade to higher security locks and will make sure that your new locks meet insurance requirements. They can also offer you keying your locks alike.

3) Burglary Repair and Boarding Up

There are a lot of trusted locksmith services in the market today for burglary repairs. Services offered to clients includes door repairs, frame repairs, window lock and other locksmith services. Their goal is to offer you the best possible burglary repair service throughout different places. Highest quality materials are used and their engineers are very expert in all types of locksmith and security work. These services also offer boarding up services and they provide quality timber boards cut precisely to secure and fit your windows, doors, and glass.

4 Door and Frame Repairs

Locksmith services can return your existing door hardware to a like-new condition. Your door and the frame can sometimes be damaged due to age, weather exposure, poor alignment, humidity, paint build up around moving parts or break-ins. When your door frames are warped, it can significantly impact the safety and effectiveness of your commercial or residential properties. Locksmith services will save you time, money and hassle by repairing your frames instead of replacing them.

5) Bike/Bicycle Locks – Unlocking

Wherever you may be, locksmith services have an emergency bike locksmith team if ever you lost your key for your bicycle lock, padlock or motorcycle chain. Just contact any of them and their engineers will do their best to pick, unlock, cut or grind your lock. They will first assess your situation and will give you the best possible solution so that it can also fit your time and budget.

A locksmith working.
A locksmith working.

What Do They Charge You?

The cost of different locksmith services varies depending on their products and services. Some charges a minimum rate depending on your location, type of lock and time of day. The rate depends on different scenarios and is quoted separately for labor and parts. The following are some interesting insights to what a locksmith should cost:

Costs of locksmith services vary considerably but start with a minimum charge or what they call the mobile fee of $35-$150. Services on evenings, holidays, or weekends can rise up to $150-$250, particularly in high-priced or remote areas but it still depends on how much time and work is done. Some locksmith providers charge a lower minimum but they have additional fees for specific services, such as drilling out the lock. It adds to the total cost if you need to have the locksmith rekey or replace the locks.

• Typically, locksmiths charge $1.50-$4 to copy a standard key but they can also charge $3-$20 or more for special and specialized keys. It can also cost $50-$175 for vehicle keys with an electronic or transponder chip.

• To re-key your door locks, a locksmith usually charge a minimum fee of $40-$100 plus anywhere between $5-$25 per lock cylinder.

• If you require locksmiths to come to your home and install new door locks, a locksmith will commonly charge $40-$100 minimum fee plus labor changes of $20-$30 per lock.

These locksmith services provide a cost-efficient price lists depending on the services that they offer. You can find some services that are very affordable compared to other cities in the UK. These prices are reasonable enough to attract customers and gain an edge in the competition on other locksmith providers. Just be very diligent in researching for tips in hiring a locksmith and price break down so you can better understand how things work on their perspective.

Unlocking a door.
Unlocking a door.

More About Them

Technicians who work for different locksmith services are very well educated and experienced in solving problems in locksmith so you do not need to worry. They are devoted to giving high and anticipated services you deserve. Their customer support is always at your service anytime and anywhere you need it. They offer you great service and use state of the art equipment. They have a large lock stock that offers customers security solutions that suit your needs and your budget.

Some locksmiths have thousands of satisfied customers that surely trust them their security and you can definitely find them anywhere in the market. Their clients give them with ongoing faith with solutions on your problems with your car, business or home. Technicians can handle those annoying keys and lock problems and you will surely be in good hands. You can definitely rely on them in all of your roadside and locksmith assistance needs.

Locksmiths are fully licensed and insured. You can absolutely be assisted with any key and lock service and also receive professional locksmith solutions for a fair price, quickly and effectively.


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    • Laura335 profile image

      Laura Smith 13 months ago from Pittsburgh, PA

      I've always wondered about this. Thanks for the information!

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 13 months ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Very good hub on locksmiths, Evane. I didn't realize the locksmith took up additional work such as fixing warped door frames.