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Locksmiths and Property Maintenance

Updated on June 19, 2013

Locksmith at Work

Real Estate Property Managers

If you have a property managed by an agent the odds are that you have had a locksmith out to do work on your property.

Locksmiths are used by property managers to fix a wide range of lock and key issues that arise during and after a rental tenancy.

Even before a tenant moves into a new home the property manager must make sure all the locks are working fine. It is actually part of the tenancy agreement in Australia that the properties’ locks are kept in good working order throughout the duration of the tenancy. If a lock breaks in the middle of the night a tenant should be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses relating to the repair of the lock. So it is in the best interest of the owner that the property manager ensures all locks and keys are working well and securely locking the property.

Call a Locksmith to Change the Locks

Change the locks between tenants
Change the locks between tenants

Change the locks after each tenant moves out

Locksmiths have the routine job of changing the locks after the tenants move out. Changing the locks ensures the previous tenant cannot reenter the home. When changing the locks a locksmith will usually just change the combination of the locks to match a new key. It is also standard practice to make the number of keys as low as possible so one key will work all the doors. Changing the combination of existing locks is usually much cheaper then replacing locks. Also when changing the combination of locks it is simpler to have the one key for the whole house.

Change Locks After Each Tenant?

Do you think locks should be changed before a new tenant moves into a property?

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Locksmiths carry replacement locks and parts

Locksmiths also carry a range of replacement parts. Having parts for door locks and deadlocks save time and money as there is no extra trip to source and buy locks. Locksmiths usually have better quality locks at better prices then hardware shops and they buy in bulk to save money on most commonly stocked items. Locksmiths can generally replace parts quite fast as they have the specialty tools required to remove and replace locks.

Locks and Lock Parts
Locks and Lock Parts

Garage and Security Doors

Locksmiths routinely repair and replace locking systems on all sorts of doors. Garage doors are a common job we get called for. Most locksmiths carry a range of tilt-a-door, roller door and panel lift door parts. Locksmiths can even replace and recode remote garage door locks.

Screen door locks often need replacing and realigning. These locks are a common hob and they are carried by all locksmiths.

Roller Door Lock
Roller Door Lock

Keys for Tenants

Locksmiths also cut keys for tenants. In Australia tenants are required to be given one key each. Locksmiths key cutting equipment is kept very well maintained and checked for accuracy on a regular basis. An accurately cut key is essential for the long jeopardy of locks. Locksmiths carry key blanks for all typ0es of locks and there is very few locks a locksmith cannot cut a key for.

Unit Doors

Qualified locksmith in Australia are permitted to perform maintenance on fire doors. As most unit doors are fire doors it makes sense to use a locksmith so not to call out a second tradesman. All locks fitted to fire doors must have a fire rating. It is important not to call just anyone to repair a fire door lock as the cost of fixing mistakes can be quite high. An unqualified person working on a fire door can be fined. The unit owner can also be fined and can be up for a large repair bill if the door is not compliant with fire codes.

Call a locksmith when you have an emergency

Locksmiths get called to a range of emergency situations from people locked in a bathroom to a malfunctioning front door lock causing a lock out situation. Your locksmith is an important part of the property management team and should be happy to help secure your properties.

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