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Lockwood 001 Deadlatch

Updated on February 5, 2013
Lockwood 001 Deadlock
Lockwood 001 Deadlock

Lockwood 001 - Tried and Tested

In Australia the Lockwood 001 dead-latch is an iconic lock fitted to a large number of homes, businesses and even used for industrial applications.

The Lockwood 001 first made its way to the market in Australia in the 1990’s. Many of the original 001 models are still in operation today after constant everyday use. The Lockwood 001 dead-latch is one lock to truly have been tested in real life situations and have passed with honors’.

The 001 dead-latch has gone through a few redesigns over the years to improve its mechanism and functionality. One of the earliest improvements was the inclusion of the door frame strengthener for wooden frame doors. The door frame strengthener as the name suggests, strengthens the frame of the door and increases the force needed to kick in the door.

Other more recent improvements to the Lockwood 001 dead-latch include an indicator so you can quickly see if the inside knob is deadlocked or not and a 001 version with a lever handle on the inside.

Fitting the Lockwood 001 Lock Body

Fitting a 001 dead-latch to a wooden door requires a 30mm hole saw, Philips screwdriver, hammer, chisel and pair of cutting pliers.

The 001 comes with a paper template to make fitting simple. With the door closed, line the template up with the edge of the door. Use a sharp point to mark all the screw holes and the center of the cylinder hole. Drill the cylinder hole first. Attach the outside cylinder to the cylinder ring and attach it to the door. The backing plate of the lock body should have the tailpiece to the outside cylinder sticking through. Mark the tail piece so it is flush with the cam of the backing plate and remove it from the door. Cut the tail piece to the correct length. The tail piece should be flush with the top of the cam of the backing plate.

Screw in the four screws to hold the backing plate in place. Attach the lock body to the backing plate and screw in the two lock body screws.

Test the operation of the lock. Make sure the there is no binding when the key is turned and the lock is lined up with the edge of the door.

Fitting the Lockwood 001 Strike

Drill the 2 large holes for the door frame strengthener using the pre-marked holes. Attach the door frame strengthener with the two long screws. With the door open, trace around the outside of the strike and chisel out the timber to allow the strike to fit flush with the frame of the door. Screw the strike to the frame making sure it fits in place over the door frame strengthener. There should be a gap of between 2-4mm between the lock and the strike.

Test for correct operation. Check that the latch is centered in the strike and not binding.

Extra Fitting Items

There is a lock packer available for the 001 dead-latch. It can be used when the frame sticks out past the door. The ideal situation is when the door and frame are flush.

The 001 dead-latch is also available with a metal frame strike. The metal frame strike is used on most unit doors and doors with a metal frame.

Contact a locksmith if you can not find these extra items at a hardware shop. A locksmith should keep them in stock as they are used by them regularly.

Key Alike

The Lockwood 001 dead-latch can be keyed alike to other Lockwood locks. It is a good choice of lock if you require your home to be on the one key. One key for a house will save time and you will not have to carry around a large bunch of keys.

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