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Lockwood Anti-Bump Lock Cylinders

Updated on August 19, 2013

Lockwood Lock with High Security Cylinder

Lockwood Deadlock
Lockwood Deadlock | Source

Lockwood breath new life into the Pin Tumbler Lock

Lockwood Australia have been the major manufacturer of high quality door locks and door furniture. Their dominance of the Australian market has been based on making locks of high quality and their lock cylinders have been made with high tolerances.

Lockwood locks were made in Australia but like most manufacturers have moved their manufacturing off-shore to stay competitive.

Recently the Lockwood cylinders used in a range of their domestic products such as the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch have had a significant jump in quality. The alloys which their cylinders are made from have become much harder and their manufacturing tolerances much tighter.

The result of the better, more accurate lock cylinders has meant they have become harder to pick. To pick a lock with higher tolerances requires more skill and more time.

Lock Security

Would you rather have a lock that can be picked or bumped open or one that has to be drilled open if the keys are lost

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Spool pins stop lock bumping

Unfortunately the same is not true for lock bumping. Lock bumping seems to favor well manufactured locks with tight tolerances. This left Lockwood with a big problem. How do you keep a lock from being bumped without redesigning the entire cylinder.

Lockwood has introduced a simple "Old School" pinning configuration into their range of domestic locking products. They are using spool pins as top pins in their locks. Spool pins or Mushroom pins are nothing new. Many manufacturers have used them for many years, especially Yale in their pin tumbler locks.

Now, anyone that knows anything about picking locks will be saying "Yeah, but spool pins are ineffective against bumping and mechanical pick guns". While this is true, you have to look a bit closer at the way Lockwood have used spool pins.

Instead of using just one or two spool pins in their locks, Lockwood have used them in every pin chamber. The design is not used as a pick deterrent as in Yale locks whereas the lock is picked, the mushroom pin will bind. Lockwood has designed their locks to bind from the start.

Lockwood Cylinder and Barrel

Exploded view Lockwood Cylinder
Exploded view Lockwood Cylinder

Lock pins make the cylinder bind

A closer look at the top pins shows how they have been made with almost all the pin machined at a smaller diameter leaving only a minimal top and bottom edge. The pin is designed to bind in the chamber when no key is inserted or when a bump key is used.

The results of all the pins binding is that the lock barrel turns when only turning pressure is put upon it. This small turning of the barrel is enough to stop the pins from moving into their opening position. The same happens when the lock is bumped. As the barrel is slightly turned the pins just bind, which makes bumping almost impossible.

Lockwood Spool Top Pins

Lockwood Spool Top Pins
Lockwood Spool Top Pins

Clicky Locks

As the top pins are always binding it gives the key a rough, unlubricated feel as it is inserted into the lock. It seems the harder alloys used by Lockwood prevent the pin chambers from dinting or wearing under constant binding. The roughness of the key is a trade off against the added security.

The sharp edges of the top pins also make for a rougher feel to the turning of the key. Keys for these locks have to be a lot more accurate and a worn key will definitely cause the lock to be clicky or not to operate.

It seems Lockwood’s' tighter manufacturing tolerances have been put to good use turning their older standard cylinder design into a standard off the shelf high security lock.

Comments on Lockwood High Security Cylinders

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Just makes life harder for locksmiths. It turns a simple lock out into a rekey, and if the client has lost their keys but have access. You won't be shim the cylinder either. I suggest everyone does what people at my work are doing. Telling Lockwood they're boycotting their 001 and fitting a Whitco.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Mate. ASSA ABLOY still Manufacture in Oakleigh, Victoria.

      Not everything is made in Asia!

    • jonnycomelately profile image


      5 years ago from Tasmania

      It's great to see your passion and enthusiasm for your chosen area of expertise. Encourage more people, the young especially, to strive for excellence.


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