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The Best Drill Bits For Metal

Updated on September 19, 2015

A good drill bit set, perhaps is a must have, if you’re doing some DIY jobs around home. Without doubt they can make almost any home improvement project much easier.

Whether it is fixing a door, hanging some pictures on wall, installation of a wall cabinet, or fixing a flat screen TV wall mount, or repairing or fixing a kitchen sink, almost any home improvement jobs need good drill bits to work with.

And if you have done some home improvement projects in past, you of course, don’t want to end up buying drill bits that are cheap in price but very frustrating to work with, as they are not sturdy enough, break very frequently.

So, look no further, the Dewalt 21-piece titanium drill bit set is a perfect choice comparing to those cheap, fragile drill bits. These are titanium coated. Therefore they are hard enough to withstand the work-loads. Perfect for light jobs around home, from drilling metals, acrylic, wood, plastic, to PVC, they work like charm.

In fact, this Dewalt drill bit set has a great collection of bits that you need most often, in sizes from 1/6 -inch to 1/2 -inch. And they come with a sturdy plastic case with lock that holds them very neatly and securely.

Let’s check out the features of Dewalt titanium drill bit set in detail.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

5 Things You May Want To Consider When Buying A Good Metal Drill Bit

It won’t take me long to realize that 5 things are very important when buying a drill bit set.

And they are:

  • Drill bit materials – The life and performance varies significantly upon the materials from which the drill bits are made of.
  • No spin shanks
  • Tapered web
  • Starts on contact
  • And the sizes

Drill Bit Material

If you’re into drill bit market, you know there a wide selection available to choose from. But without doubt the materials from which a drill bit is made of matters most.

Of course, each drill bit has its own merits and demerits. Most widely available drill bits are made of with steel, high speed steel, titanium coated, carbide tipped, and cobalt.

Comparing their price with each other, steel and high speed steel drill bits are cheaper than titanium drill bits.

Whereas carbide and cobalt tipped drill bits are expensive than titanium coated drill bits.

If you consider their performance in real-world, steel and high speed steel drill bits are not as good as titanium drill bits. Because they heat up quicker, and under normal use they wear down more quickly. Where titanium drill bits are sturdier than those bits that are made of with steel and high speed steel, they stay sharp longer, and can dissipate heat better. So they are suited for some light metal works at home.

Though carbide tipped and cobalt drill bits are more efficient than titanium drill bits, but the expert says they are specifically designed for industrial use. And they are very expensive too.

However you don’t need a complete set of carbide tipped or cobalt drill bit set. You may want to consider of buying a titanium drill bit set, supplemented by few cobalt drill bits in sizes that you find yourself using most often.

And this Dewalt titanium drill bit set worth the price.

Metal Drill Bit Types

No Spin Shanks

The shanks of this titanium bits are designed so nicely, under normal use it almost eliminates the frustration of bits spinning in the chuck.

Tapered Web

If you ever wondered why a drill bit breaks? They say, there are two reasons of drill bit breakage, in most of the cases.

They are:

  • A deflected breakage is caused by the radial force. Result often the bit is broken at the end of the flute.
  • And a twisted breakage is caused by the large torque. Result often the bit is broken at the middle of the flute.

And in both cases, the primary cause of the breakage is poor drill bit strength and poor bit design. However, changes of web thickness and tapering the web can increase the strength and life of a bit significantly.

That being said, this dewalt titanium drill bit set comes with tapered web, and that reduces breaking of a drill bit significantly. And without doubt that provides greater durability too.

Dewalt Titanium Drill Bit Starts On Contact

Plus they start on contact. So like other bits they won’t walk on surface, and can make cleaner hole.

The Drill Bit Sizes

For small to medium jobs around home, you of course want to buy a drill bit set that has a great collection of bits in almost all sizes that you find yourself needed most in most of jobs.

This Dewalt titanium drill bit set has 21 pieces of drill bits in sizes from 1/16 -inch to 1/2 -inch. Which is of course comes very handy in most of the jobs. Plus they come with a sturdy plastic box with lock which holds them very neatly and securely.

In fact, sometimes that comes very handy, in case, you missed to pack one or two drill bit after work, you can easily locate which one it is as the box has separate places to fit each bits.

What Others Are Saying About The Dewalt Titanium Drill Bit Set?

The dewalt 21-piece titanium drill bit set receives a lot of positive reviews throughout the internet. In fact, from most of the customers on Amazon it receives an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Some of the comments to date are:

"Good bits, nice range of sizes"

"So much better than the cheap HSS bits I've been struggling with for years. Even for an occasional DIY doer, these are worth having."

"These are nice tough, sharp bits. Already drilled though metal with ease. Much better than the cheap set I had. "

"I have bought this drill bit set to use with my Dewalt drill. The best drill bits I have ever used. This pilot point helps a lot to drill steel . Will buy some more"

"I needed some bits organized in a handy container for my toolbox. This 21 piece set fills the bill for 80% of my household maintenance and to do list items."

Where Can You Buy This Drill Bit Set?

You can, of course buy this great Dewalt titanium drill bit set on Amazon. After visiting a lot of online stores I can say that currently Amazon do have the best deal. Click below to check out the details on Amazon.

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Do You Own The Dewalt 21-piece Titanium Drill Bit Set? All Comments Are Welcome

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