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LoveSac Alternative Furniture

Updated on March 16, 2010

For those who would love to have a bean bag chair in their house but are unwilling to live like they are still in college, I've got the alternative for you. It's called LoveSac. No, it's not a dirty website where you will be bombarded by pornographic ads. LoveSac is your Alternative Furniture retailer. I honestly didn't know what to think when we were walking around our local mall in September of 2007. We'd walked past this store many times and always snickered about the name but never really looked at it. I don't know what prompted me to even walk into the store this time but we were outside one moment and it seems like a split second later we were signing up to take a SuperSac home with us. Thinking back on it, I think what prompted walking into the store in the first place was that I was fed up with buying bean bag after bean bag for my toddler just to have it go flat within days of being purchased. I know toddlers can be rough on any type of furniture but when you spend between 20.00 - 40.00 each on a bean bag it adds up quickly.

The store itself was set up similar to a living room except for it had glass as a wall. Ok some of you might be into that kinky fourth wall being glass but I like my walls solid thank you very much. Back to the moment we fell in love with LoveSacs. We sat down and tried the different sizes and decided that the Movie Sac would be too small since at the time I was barely pregnant with our second child so we went with the larget SuperSac. For those thinking that "well my family has 5+ people" there is the next size up for you called The Big One which is a mamouth Sac that could probably fit six easily. We decided to get the Sac due to it's double lifetime guarantee that if it fails then it will be replaced. Any company that is willing to warranty their product for twice it's lifetime is a keeper in my book. I was surprised when they helped us out to our car with it. The Sac litterally fit into a small gym size bag but weighed close to 70lbs crammed into a ity bity place. We got home and my husband who has to unpackage and unwrap everything had the naked Sac out of the gym like bag and was already fluffing it before I had gotten our toddler out of his car seat and into the house. The initial setup took about 20 minutes of breaking the foam core apart and then we would fluff it every hour for a week just to fill it out all the way.

The Uses

Well we started off using the Sac as another chair in our living room but slowly it migrated to being the only chair used in the room. I was still sitting in it exclusively up until I had my daughter at 41 weeks (she was overdue by one week). Our toddler started jumping off our regular furniture onto the LoveSac and there were times we were sure that an Emergency Room visit was imminent since we could not stop him from doing it. Then when we searched YouTube for LoveSac we realized that our toddler had come up wiht what many kids his age do with the LoveSacs and substitue it for a bouncy castle or moonwalk bouncer. Honestly he isn't going to hurt the LoveSac and unless he misses by 15 feet he is not going to fall down the stairs so I'm all for letting him jump on it.

The reason that LoveSac is different from any other furniture and bean bag seller is that they are massively oversized bean bags filled with chopped Durafoam instead of styrene beads, and comes with a two-lifetime guarantee never to go flat, or break. The Durafoam is far more comfortable and resilient than beanbag beans-more like a gigantic pillow, than a stiff beanbag. LoveSac's latest invention, the Sactionals, is a cross between upholstery and Legos. With lifetime guaranteed wood frames upholstered in foam and fabric, Sactionals consist of 2 simple pieces, "Bases" and "Sides," that can be combined in any quantity in any configuration imaginable to build any furniture desired-no tools necessary. All the pieces line up perfectly like Legos and there is never a need for getting out the tool box to change it. Currently in our house we have LoveSac's SuperSac, the TubeSac which is their version of a pillow, a SpeakerSac which is the TubeSac with speakers at each end, a Media Pad which both my children love using when laying on the floor because they don't actually touch the floor since it is over eight inches thick. We also have their Media rocker that I use for a desk chair, the U shaped coffee tables which also form a makeshift desk and the last thing is a cup cozy designed to hook onto the Sacs. I love this alternative furniture so much that I will replace my furniture over time with all LoveSac furniture due to it's guarantee and ease of changing it into something else. There are currently multiple sales going on now at Go check out for great savings and free shipping!


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    • AFTiggerIntel profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Nebraska

      These are just a little too big for a pillow fight. Think family of 4 seated comfortably and you've got the right idea. I think our couch is about the same length as this is when it is half fluffed.

    • profile image

      Scentsy Warmers 

      8 years ago

      Thank you so much for this! I slept on a bean bag pretty much my whole college life and I've always enjoyed it. There are more uses then just sitting on it. It's also good for a massive pillow fight..... I might be joking, though....

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Try the Ultimate Sack!!! higher quality product for a much cheaper price!!! Plus many more color and fabric options!!!

    • profile image

      fatboy bean bags 

      9 years ago

      Nice article! Love sacs are very comfortable chair, which can be used in homes for getting a relaxed sitting position. Also comfy for bonus rooms for playing games, reading a book, wathching t.v. or just lounging.

    • profile image

      Bean Furniture 

      10 years ago

      Wow. You sound like a real fan of Love Sac bean bags! But I think you just had bad luck with the bean bags you bought earlier. There are several quality manufacturers, not just Love Sac, for instance Sumo Lounge, who also do memory foam mattresses.


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