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Low Maintenance Plants For Your Garden

Updated on May 16, 2010

Green Thumbs Up!

Gardening is a hobby that most people find relaxing. There are several benefits to having your own garden; however, people would also think of the time that they need to invest. A garden doesn't necessarily need your full attention; all you have to do is find the right plants.

For people who have very busy schedules, it's ideal for them to have low-maintenance plants. I have listed below some of them that wouldn't really ask so much of your time but will get your attention as they bloom.

Blanket Flower
Blanket Flower

• Blanket Flower - a plant that grows with daisy-like flowers. Plants of this kind are very easy to grow. You only need to add fertilizers once a month from the time that you started planting them. As soon as Blanket flowers are planted, few problems should arise and grow with little care.

• Zebra Grass - do not need much plant food and require you to just "splash" water on them on a regular basis. Over-fertilizing could make the stems to fall flat.

Bearberry Plant
Bearberry Plant

• Bearberry - one of the plainest of the low-growing plants. It has small pink and white flowers as they bloom on spring. This plant is also low-maintenance and extremely resistant to coarse-grained soil.

• Aloe Vera - does not demand too much watering, yet the leaves that they bare are still moist making it a low upkeep selection. During summer, it’s most beneficial to water Aloe Vera once you notice that the soil is dried out. In winter, the plant only needs fewer water supplies. You can let it run dry since it has developed to preserve itself without water.


• Snowdrop - low-maintenance too like Blanket flower and Bearberry: you don't have to do anything exceptional for them. No clipping, fertilizing, and best of all, watering. Despite all the neglect, they would still grow dependably and continue to bloom.

Don't think that these plants are dull or boring or not attractive at all because you can always pick out different colours that will blend in with your surrounding. Plants that need minimal care could differ from one place to another. What's important is that the climate in your region should match the growing conditions of these plants.


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