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Lucite Furniture

Updated on July 23, 2012
A Lucite Chair
A Lucite Chair

Lucite Furniture for Style and Comfort

Lucite, also known as Plexiglass or Perspex is currently one of the most popular materials available for furniture designers, with Lucite furniture popping up in style and fashion magazines on a regular basis.

In fact Lucite recently celebrated its 75th birthday with a Lucite exhibition in New York, exhibiting the many uses of the material, not only in the furniture industry but also in construction.

Although currently popular in the art and design fields, this hasn't always been its prime use and during the Second World War Lucite was used extensively by the military in the production of submarine periscopes and airplane gun turrets.

However Lucite seems to have found its natural home in the world of furniture making, perhaps because it is not only strong and durable but also an attractive material and it's not only humans that benefit from it, there are even Lucite dog beds available to purchase for that special pampered pooch!

Because of its strength and flexibility, Lucite is used in a wide variety of household furniture including chairs, table and even beds. Because of its lightness and ease of production, it is a relatively inexpensive material to produce.

Of all the furniture items though, it is perhaps the Lucite chair which is best known and can often be seen in fashion photo shoots. Perhaps it is the perception that a person is sitting on thin air that does it or perhaps because its transparency gives a sense of space in a room which is especially useful in relatively small spaces.

Although the most popular Lucite furniture tends to be transparent, it can and sometimes is tinted which all adds to the colour of a room. Another bonus too of course is that it is light and easy to move between rooms.

Finally, and what better reason to use Lucite; it is a great replacement for glass, yet much stronger. This is especially important to those with children as many injuries in the home are caused by glass and as we all know, children have little fear and are likely to ignore all instructions not to jump on the furniture. Thankfully, Lucite furniture will not shatter as glass would, saving many household injuries.


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