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Luxury Custom Greenhouses

Updated on May 22, 2011

Custom Luxury Greenhouses

Luxury Custom Greenhouses

Luxury custom greenhouses are not that difficult to find and have built. Finding a contractor that specializes in luxury custom greenhouses is the key and those are few but definitely out there. But how do you choose a contractor and how do you know they will help you design the greenhouse of your dreams? Click to see video here.

First, search the internet. If they have done work previously they will show up on Google. Do a search, Luxury Greenhouses, or greenhouse construction, or greenhouse builders, or try custom greenhouses. You should get a ton of sites to visit.

Second, if you have gone through the list, make sure you are not dealing with a company that is web based but one that is an actual builder. Do they have a phone number to call? Do they have pictures of actual greenhouses they have built? A lot of sites will just create a site and show other greenhouse companies pictures. Many of them are trying to make money off of the keyword greenhouses and do nothing but have google ads on the page so that they can make 1 dollar a click. If you are aware of this you will be able to recognize this right away.

Third, is there a real person behind the site? Call the number. Do they call you back within a reasonable time? Do they have references, pictures, a designer, an engineer and a manufactorer or are they a middle man that will pass you on to another company? Custom greenhouses are expensive but you are paying for the design, contracting, building, engineering and finish work of a wonderful and beautiful house made of glass.

One more question you will want to ask is what type of materials do they use? You will want structurally sound materials but even more important is the fabrication of the structure. Is it built to last? Asking how they build but even more importantly is how the "design" the product. This is what divides the quality builders from the less structurally sound builders from the rest. And lastly, good designers will suggest ideas that will fit your dreams and help you create a truly unique custom greenhouse.

To find custom greenhouses please visit or call Steve Reno at 281-381-2435. His company builds custom and luxury greenhouses all over the United States with Southern hospitality. :)


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    • zoeylife profile image

      zoeylife 2 years ago from Houston

      Now adding more manufactured greenhouses! We represent the top 4 greenhouse companies in the states. We can give you a quote for the best greenhouse for YOUR needs. We will work it from quote to finish with added additions. We are inclusive and can get you the best price for your greenhouse needs.