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Luxury Log Home Floor Plans

Updated on February 17, 2014


Log homes can come in just about any size. From the 16’x16’ outpost cabin to the luxury log homes of 5,000 or more square feet, logs can be used for them all. The largest log structure is the Chateau Montebello located in Montebello, Quebec, Canada. This western red cedar log resort was built in 1930 and contains 211 rooms. It is three stories high and was built out of 10,000 logs. Though the resort is great to visit, let’s focus on the 2200+ square foot homes that comprise luxury log home floor plans.

Handcrafted Log Home

Log Home Floor Plans


For small cabins, one bedroom and an open loft is about all that even a creative designer can fit in. 1,000 to 2,000 square feet cabins have more space to work with. Really carefully arranged floor plans can include three bedroom, two baths, great room, and open loft. But for the large log homes, they all tend to have some few floor plan ideas in common. Entry ways seem to be a thing of grandeur. Large French doors open from a covered entry way into the foyer. Open to above, the broken log stair case descending from the second story will trace its way down the side of the room. Also very commonly located in a foyer is a half bath and walk in closet. For those who prefer a fireplace in the great room, a see through fireplace can be located between the great room and the foyer so that the warmth of the fire greets people as they arrive.

Log Home Kitchen

Big Log Home Great Rooms and Kitchen Dining Rooms


Moving across the floor plan, the next room is usually a huge great room. At one end by the foyer a fire place can be situated. At the other end of the great room a wall of trapezoid windows invites the sweeping views indoors. The wall of windows typically steps out from the foot print of the home a few feet. Prowls or post and beam fronts also add a touch of elegance. A high cathedral ceiling of 20 feet or more lined with tongue and groove pine or cedar adds to the great room. Many of these rooms can be as much as 44 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Dimensions can vary based on the floor plan.

After the great room, many big log homes have a combination dining room and kitchen area. One good way to arrange these two rooms is to place them in a separate wing of the home, along side the great room and foyer. A breakfast bar is a good break between the two, giving a natural separation between the rooms, but still allowing them to be open one to another. A pantry and covered outdoor kitchen located just outside of the kitchen are also lovely enhancements to a plan.


Log Home Great Room

The Log Home Master Suite


In the majority of large log home floor plans, the master suite is typically located on the first floor in a wing opposite the kitchen and dining room. A master suite is comprised of a master bedroom, bath room, and walk in closets. Other upgrades can include a sauna, Jacuzzi room, dressing room, small office or sitting room, and private covered deck. This is where the owners can come and spoil themselves.

The incorporation of two walk in closets allows each person their own private space. Baths with two sinks also gives a little privacy to each person, a place put their personal make up or shaving razors, hair dryer or toiletry items.


First Floor Laundry


The other room, though lowly in nature, that should in included is a first floor laundry. A good placement for this room is between the main home and the attached garage. A half bath and large coat closet are all things that should be included. Mud rooms or laundry rooms help to contain clutter and also restrict the influx of water, mud, and dirt from the outdoors into the home. Though only a brief paragraph is being devoted to this briefest of rooms, it is still a necessary inclusion in every home.

Open Loft in Log Home Floor Plans

The Second Floor of Luxary Log Homes

Now that the first floor is complete, the second level should be explored. At the top of the broken log stair case an open loft will meet the viewer’s eyes. A loft is a necessary staple in all log homes. Anyone can build a big house, but when building any size log house it is important to retain the log home feel.

In larger spacious log homes, a common arrangement is two more suites of rooms off to each side of the loft. They are located above the master suite and the kitchen dining areas. Each suite has a walk in closet and full bathroom. A private balcony is also a nice touch for each room. Another layout for a second floor can be two bedrooms on one side instead of a suite and then a library or private office on the other side. Most homes have an attached garage with a high roofline. To make the most of the space, a bonus room is built into the second level. The home can be arranged so that the bonus room can be accessible from the second floor of the home. Bonus rooms are great for exercise rooms, play rooms, game rooms, or large private offices. Many times an exterior staircase gives a second entrance to this room.


Custom Log Home Elevation

Finished Basements of Big Log Homes


To maximize the space in a log home many times a finished walk out basement will be added. Home theaters are one of the newest things people are including into their plans. Extra bedrooms, a family room, a bathroom or two, and extra storage are all good uses of this space. Finishing a basement can be the least expensive square footage in an entire home. When choosing what rooms should be included on this level, the inclusion of more rooms should be weighed out in light of the already existing ones. More bedrooms for company may be the most needed. More storage may be a concern. A large room to serve as a family room, game room, or theater should always be included.

Large Log Homes

Luxury Log Homes

Luxury log homes are most of the time custom designs. Some owners prefer to take an existing plan and modify it. Others choose to do a complete new design. Though it is noteworthy when someone builds a plan they drew themselves, other floor plans should be consulted for ideas on room arrangements, placement of wings, and size of rooms. Also, working directly with a log home representative gives an owner the benefit of the representative’s first hand knowledge and skills. Planning and exert advice are the main ingredients that take an idea and transforms it into a lovely log home floor plan.

For free log home plans and prices feel free to visit our website. Cowboy Log Homes is a full service log home company which has been building log dreams since 1997.


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