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Luxury homes for sale in Germany – How to buy real estate/apartment in Germany

Updated on December 8, 2012

Complicated process of home purchase in Germany

If you have ever lived in Germany, you will never forget the complicated bureaucracy through which you passed through. You need proof for everything, including a proof that you were born (your birth certificate translated to German). Purchasing a property in Germany is a complicated process in Germany. Germans have been trained to do exactly what their job profile says and nothing more. This means, you need a separate person for each task involved in property purchase and maintenance. A real estate agent shows you nice apartments in Germany. In order to buy the real estate, you need to make your own arrangements for other formalities required for purchasing the apartment. You need a translator, you need to go to the city office to pay Purchase Tax ("Grunderwerbsteuer") then to another office to pay registration fees and then to Notary Public and sign the deal in front of the owner. For all these, you need appointment dates ('termin'). You need to come to Germany and sign all the documents and get the ownership of the property. If you don't live in Germany, you need to find a property management company to look after your property or rent it out for rental income. Again for this another set of paper works are involved.

How to buy real estate in Germany- steps involved
How to buy real estate in Germany- steps involved

Easiest way for foreigners to buy house in Germany

If you are a non-German speaking foreigner and would like to buy real estate in Germany. I would recommend to use the service of a nice company called Chindia Group. What those guys does is to make the property purchase a 'ONE STOP PROCESS' (this is how they describe in their site). You send them your requirements- number of bedrooms, your budget, location, other requirements like near a lake, luxury apartment, near airport........... Within one week, you get property offers via email or by post. You select a couple of them and send them your wish list. They make arrangement s for you to visit the property (if needed). Once you have decided on the property you want to purchase, you send Chindia group guys the authorization to buy the property on your behalf as well as the fees involved. They buy the property on your behalf and send the ownership papers to your home address in your country. This a great help for foreigners. You send them the apartment request and you get the ownership papers right in your postbox. It is so convenient. If you are wondering how to trust them – they are a legal company in Germany and they abide by German laws.

Purchase real estate in Germany - made easy for foreigners
Purchase real estate in Germany - made easy for foreigners

When you buy an apartment in Germany, most of them are not furnished (There are also furnished apartments available). They also offers designing and furnishing your home. You just have to pick up what design you need for your living room, kitchen.......

If you know that you won't be living in that apartment for the next 6 months, Chindia guys also assist you to look after your apartment or if you like, they also find short term tenants for you. Berlin is a tourist city and they easily find short term tenants, prepare contracts for them, collect rents and send to you.

Another service they offer is market update. Even if you are not living in your apartment in Germany, they help you monitor the growth in apartment prices in your area. For a small fees, they send you quarterly updates about the developments in the area where you purchased the real estate. This will help you decide whether you want to hold on to the property or sell it.

If you need more information, just send an email to them. They are very quick in replying to your queries.

Website of Chindia Group-

Wish you good luck in purchasing your dream home in Germany. I hope you found this article helpful.


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