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My a/c stopped cooling help

Updated on June 13, 2015

Here's a few things you can try

When dealing with an air conditioning system there are many things that can go wrong. In order to try and determine the problem, you must know how a split system works. In a split system there are two parts, the outside condenser and the inside unit (either an electric air handler or gas furnace and coil). Both work with the outside unit (condenser) pumping the freon through the coils and a blower pushing air past those coils to produce the cool air we feel come out of the vents. It would take me weeks or months to try and explain everything to you so I am just going to give you a few reasons your system may not be working properly.

Are both units running?

1. The first thing you need to do is to find out if both your inside and outside units are running. If your inside is running but the outside is not, you probably have a stopped up drain. If your unit is in the attic go upstairs and check for water in the pan. These types of units come with what we call a float switch and is designed to turn off the outside unit so that your ceiling won't flood. If this is your problem you must get the water out of the pan then use an air compressor to blow the drain out. This should fix your problem and I have saved you two to four hundred dollars. Some units are in the closet and have a condensate pump. You can pour water into the machine and it should make a noise telling you that it is pumping.

Both units must be running in order to produce cool air. Once you see that both are running with the outside units fan turning, the next step is to check for ice.

Are the lines iced up?

2. Check that the copper lines going to the unit aren't full of ice. When the freon is low in a system it will cause the lines to freeze up. You should turn your thermostat to off and fan to on. This will allow the ice to defrost while you wait on a technician to come and put freon in your unit.

Do I have a tripped breaker?

3. This is the last thing I will suggest to you. If nether unit is running or just the outside, check your breakers. If you see that a breaker is tripped and you reset it to only find out that is tripped again, then I have some bad news. This only happens for two reasons, a bad breaker or a grounded compressor. A grounded compressor means that you will need a new outside condenser.

Like I said there are many reasons your system might not be cooling and this is just a few tips that could end up saving you money. Always keep your system clean and your filters changed. If a system can not breath you are asking for trouble.


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