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MY RED Folder

Updated on August 17, 2015
Cloud based documentation services can help to minimize the frustration of finding copies of damaged documentation.
Cloud based documentation services can help to minimize the frustration of finding copies of damaged documentation.

Why should you back up your documents?

Primarily, you want to back up your documents so that you have a record of all that you lost in the disaster. Also, you want documents in order to have definitive proof should there be any issues regarding the value or the ownership of a particular asset. Typically, you will want to ensure that you have at least the following assets documented:

  1. Property deeds and boundary lines.
  2. Inheritances
  3. wills
  4. insurance contracts
  5. Court mandates (such as child support and custody papers)
  6. Social Security Cards
  7. Birth Certificates
  8. Pictures

If NASA says you should have it, it is probably a good idea

Key Points

Have a plan not only for the natural disasters but also for those things which go beyond the natural disasters such as planning for your pets, planning a disaster plan, having measures in place to find your family members.

Go beyond a survival kit, make a plan

Yes, the world is getting prepared for the apocalypse and the zombie takeovers because the television hype and trends have told us to do so, but there is a real threat for disasters to devastate a family. Where you can have a survival kit/bug out bag, you need to ensure that those items which cannot be taken with you are secured. Disasters go beyond the natural disasters and in many cases the person is simply not prepared to address the issues which an insurance company may have including:

  • Do you have documentation of the assets of the home including receipts?
  • Did your wife or husband have a will
  • Did your child have any known illnesses before being admitted to the hospital?
  • What was the assessment of the property
  • Did anyone co-sign on the loan?
  • Were their any leans against your husband/wife's business we should know about?

Having this information at your fingertips is a vital part of keeping your sanity as well as appeasing the needs of the insurance companies. The best solution that I have found so far is to use an online cloud storage for your documents. Where there may have been some issues raised on the security of the cloud, I would pose the question "if it is damaged and cannot be replaced or recovered, then how secure was it?"

My red folder is the best methodology which I have found for cloud storage. The reason is that the app goes beyond just scanning documents and pictures (I can do that myself). This is like having a security system which cannot be effected by those natural disasters.

I would still recommend that you place your items into a fire safe, air tight container so that you have the originals, but you also need to ensure that you have a backup on those just in case there is damage to them.


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