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Magnetic Mattress Pads

Updated on February 2, 2011

After writing about wool mattress pads, I came across a distinct mattress cover niche in magnetic mattress pads. So as with all hubs that I create, I will try to make this one of utmost quality, with pertinent information on therapeutic magnetic mattress toppers and include some of the most popular products that have been revered by many satisfied users worldwide.

What are magnetic mattress pads?

Magnetic mattress covers or toppers make us of, well, magnets that are proven to help improve blood circulation. In turn, they increase the amount of oxygen in the body making for a well-rested sleep.

We have all seen health products that have magnets in them—from shoe soles and socks to underwear and everything in between. It may sound ridiculous, using magnets to magnetize our blood, but we all know we need iron and that our bodies need them. The principle is actually that simple. Since iron is present in the blood, good old magnets can help improve circulation.

Mattress toppers that have magnets usually have them scattered and positioned all over, covering all parts of the body. While we know that increased blood circulation is the result of sleeping on magnetic pads, the following stresses some of the added benefits related to good circulation.

Good circulation and oxygenation reduces cellular stress levels. Cellular stress is what is responsible for aging. People who are acidic benefit from magnetic therapy because it helps the body produce more alkaline. This in turn reduces acid which we all know is good for optimum health. Magnetic therapy has the ability to change calcium molecules. This in turn can prevent them from building up on bones and joints—the leading cause of most arthritis.

Shopping for magnetic mattress pads

As always, make sure to get the correct cover size for your mattress. These covers work much like normal pads, in which elastic edge straps are used to secure them to beds. Bed covers go on top of these toppers. You can also opt to get a magnetic therapy cover from a health-oriented manufacturer as they will have better experience in therapy.

With that said, expect to shell out around $100 for your magnetic pad for smaller bed sizes and more for queens and king-size beds. Below are some products you can check out and consider.


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