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Maintaining Cut Flowers Will Help Them Last Longer

Updated on December 22, 2009

For centuries, flowers have been a popular pick for gift giving all over the globe. As symbols of loveliness, flowers indicate a lot of things and are used for a great number of situations. Whether it is a blossoming love between people, a thoughtful present for a special event, a present to show your pride of an individual or rather a method to express sympathy for a grievous event, the appropriate floral bouquet can convey things that words or a card simply can't. With their attractive appearance, flowers charm us visually and their scents stimulate our senses, arousing our imaginations.

Nevertheless, a key point regarding flowers is that they often don't last as long as folks like. For those who have ever gotten a bouquet of roses and watched it wither away quite rapidly, it might have been a scene where you could have changed things if you would've had more information. The correct knowledge will allow for a big difference therefore if you would like your bouquet to be fresh longer, you should realize that the flowers are almost always harvested a few days before they open. This is for maintaining their newness. There are a few techniques you can do when you receive them to enjoy them for longer.

First, you need to make certain that you clip the bottom of each flower's stem. This helps open the flower to soak up the water and minerals that are required for them to last longer. Then you want to ensure that you have put fresh water in their container, ensuring the water keeps warm for them. This thwarts shocking the flowers. Then, put in part of the flower foods you may have got with the arrangement. If you did not obtain a small thing of this nutrients, try including some Sprite in small amounts. This nourishes the flowers and will maintain the blooms. Keep the leaves on to their stalks because these leave help give the plant more vitality.

Some mistakes to not do when trying to keep your flowers fresh longer are heat such as given off from electrical appliances such as a TV screen and the sun. Cold is good, but of course don't take this too far since that, too, will damage the plant. If the water in the flowers becomes clouded then you need to replace it as quickly as possible to keep bacteria from flourishing. Keep the leaves from becoming damp from the fluid within the vase, as well, since this can start a decaying development that speeds up the death of the flowers themselves.

By picking flowers like Violets, Tulips in their varying colors and Daisies with their beauty all of these should last from 1 to 2 whole weeks. Roses of all shades and Sunflowers are kinds that will not keep as long, but they should stay pretty up to one week and a half with the proper kind of care.

Receiving flowers - you always can do it here: доставка цветов - given to you is always nice. Even though, most of us don't be able to appreciate the entire amount of time that they are able to have. Here are a couple tips and techniques that you might incorporate to ensure they are fresh the longest.


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    • D.A.L. profile image

      Dave 8 years ago from Lancashire north west England

      Thank you Sendflower. Your tips and advise have been noted.I have passed them on to my wife. Beautiful roses!